Ann Christopher RA To Lead Royal Academy Lineup for 256th Summer Exhibition

RA Summer Show

The Royal Academy of Arts has revealed the committee for the upcoming 256th Summer Exhibition, which is set to be coordinated by the renowned British artist and Royal Academician Ann Christopher. The committee members include Royal Academicians Hurvin Anderson, Assemble, Anne Desmet, Hughie O’Donoghue, Cornelia Parker, and Veronica Ryan. The President of the Royal Academy, Rebecca Salter, will also be a part of this accomplished group.

Scheduled to run from June 18 to August 18, 2024, the Summer Exhibition promises to be a visual feast with a unique focus on “making space.” Ann Christopher RA expressed her vision for the exhibition: “I plan to explore the idea of making space, whether giving or taking space. This can be interpreted in various ways: to make space can mean openness – making space for something or someone and between things.”

Artists and architects eager to contribute to this prestigious exhibition are invited to submit their work through The submission window opens on January 9, 2024, and will continue until February 13, 2024, or sooner if the cap of 16,500 entries is reached. The RA anticipates receiving an impressive array of entries, with approximately 1,200 selected works spanning various media sets to grace the exhibition.

As the world’s largest open-submission contemporary art show, the Summer Exhibition has been a fixture on the art scene since 1769. The annual event continues to provide a platform for emerging and established artists, fostering a dynamic international dialogue in diverse mediums, from painting and printmaking to photography, sculpture, architecture, and film.

The Summer Exhibition Committee, serving in rotation, ensures a distinctive character each year, with each Royal Academician overseeing a designated gallery space. The eight-day hang within the galleries allows for a democratic judging process based on merit, resulting in a carefully curated selection. With most of the exhibited works available for purchase, visitors have the unique opportunity to acquire original pieces while supporting the artists, postgraduate students in the RA Schools, and the broader initiatives of the Royal Academy.

In addition to its historical significance, the Summer Exhibition is crucial in funding the RA Schools, the UK’s oldest art school, offering the only free three-year postgraduate program in Europe. A vital restoration and renewal project for the RA Schools, initiated in 2022, underscores the commitment to preserving the institution’s heritage and maintaining its prominence in art education.

The public opening is from June 18 to August 18, 2024, from 10 am to 6 pm (Tuesday to Sunday) and extended hours until 9 pm on Fridays. This year’s Summer Exhibition promises to celebrate artistic expression, pushing boundaries while upholding the esteemed tradition of the Royal Academy.

Summer Exhibition 2024 Committee Royal Academicians

Ann Christopher, Hurvin Anderson, Assemble, Anne Desmet, Hughie O’Donoghue, Cornelia Parker and Veronica Ryan

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