Art 42 Basel Who’s In Who’s Out

June 15 – 19, 2011

Richard Green and Patrick Painter have pulled out of the worlds biggest Art Fair, Art 42 Basel .The fair is the most important international art show for Modern and contemporary art, held annually in Switzerland. It features nearly 300 leading galleries from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. More than 2,500 artists, ranging from the great masters of Modern art to the latest generation of emerging stars, are represented in the show’s multiple sections. The exhibition includes the highest-quality paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations, photographs, video and multiple works.

The newly released Art 42 Basel exhibitor list is the crème de la crème of the industry and this year’s barometer reveals a steady rate of stand turnover. 45 galleries — out of around 300 present in 2010 are not returning for the June fair. 12 come out of the desirable Galleries section, where stands position is competitive and held for years by the same galleries. Not returning this year are, London’s Richard Green New York’s Knoedler Dutch dealer Paul Andriesse, San Francisco’s John Berggruen, Berlin’s Eigen + Art & Company, and LA’s Patrick Painter.

The Art Feature and Art Statements sections have the most movement. Galleries must apply for inclusion based on specific projects. These categories account for 37 of the changeover slots.

The fair has claimed back some ground by adding 48 galleries who did not participate in 2010. This includes New York’s Bortolami and Moeller Fine Art, London’s Hazlitt Holland-Hibbert and Beirut’s Sfeir-Semler. LA gallery Overduin and Kite debuts in the Statements section, devoted to solo shows by younger artists, and Maccarone returns to the fair circuit in this section as well. Watch out for the IN List tomorrow.



Galerie Paul Andriesse        Amsterdam         Art Galleries
Arataniurano                Tokyo            Art Statements
Art Attitude Herve Bize        Nancy, France    Art Features
Balice Hertling            Paris            Art Statements
John Berggruen Gallery        San Francisco    Art Galleries
Boers-Li Gallery            Beijing        Art Statements
The Breeder                Athens        Art Features
Luis Campana            Koln            Art Galleries
Casas Riegner            Bogota        Art Features
Chatterjee & Lal            Mumbai        Art Statements
Mehdi Chouakri            Berlin            Art Features
Item  Art Editions
James Cohan Gallery        New York        Art Features
Monica De Cardenas        Milan            Art Features
Cortex Athletico            Bordeaux        Art Statements
dependance                Brussels        Art Statements
Galerie Eigen + Art            Berlin            Art Galleries
Galerie Thomas Flor        Dusseldorf        Art Features
Alexander Gray Associates    New York        Art Features
Richard Green            London        Art Galleries
hunt kastner                Prague        Art Statements
Galerie Iris Kadel            Karlsruhe, Germany    Art Statements
Francesca Kaufmann        Milan            Art Features
Knoedler & Company        New York         Art Galleries
Hans P. Kraus Jr. Fine Photography    New York    Art Galleries
Michael Lett                Auckland         Art Statements
Galeria Soledad Lorenzo         Madrid        Art Galleries
Lullin + Ferrari            Zurich            Art Statements
Galerie Mezzanin            Vienna        Art Features
Proyectos Monclova        Mexico City        Art Statements
Monitor                Rome            Art Statements
Neue Alte Brucke            Frankfurt        Art Statements
Galerie Giti Nourbakhsch         Berlin             Art Galleries
Patrick Painter Inc.            Santa Monica    Art Galleries
Praz-Delavallade            Paris            Art Galleries
Rokeby                 London        Art Statements
Sakshi Gallery            Mumbai        Art Features
Anna Schwartz Gallery        Melbourne        Art Features
Diana Stigter                Amsterdam         Art Features
T293                    Naples        Art Statements
Sassa Trulzsch            Berlin            Art Statements
Vilma Gold Gallery            London        Art Features
Galerie Barbara Wien Wilma Lukatsch    Berlin        Art Features
Galerie Jocelyn Wolff        Paris            Art Features
XL Gallery                 Moscow        Art Galleries

Art Galleries section: 12
Art Features section: 16
Art Statements section: 16
Art Editions section:1

62,500 people attended Art 41 Basel, the last edition of this favourite rendezvous for the global art world, including art collectors, art dealers, artists, curators and other art enthusiasts.

With its world-class museums, outdoor sculptures, theatres, concert halls, idyllic medieval old town and new buildings by leading architects, Basel ranks as a culture capital, and that cultural richness helps put the Art Basel week on the agenda for art lovers from all over the globe. During Art Basel, a fascinating atmosphere fills this traditional city, as the international art show is reinforced with exhibitions and events all over the region.

Located on the banks of the Rhine, at the border between Switzerland, France and Germany, Basel is easily navigated
by foot and trams.



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