Art Basel And Central St Martins To Teach You How To Be A Collector In Hong Kong

Art Basel Hong Kong

It is time to become the international art collector that you always dreamed you would be. A course to teach novice art collectors what to buy is to be launched by The University of Hong Kong, in collaboration with Art Basel and Central St Martins in London. The course will be starting in January, students on this new course at the university’s School of Professional and Continuing Education Centre for Degree Programmes, will be able to study how to buy and manage their burgeoing contemporary art collection, as well as how to spot emerging trends and investments.

“As the art world becomes larger and people become more serious about collecting, it is important to discuss the ground rules—and the responsibilities that come alongside,” stated Marc Spiegler, the director of Art Basel.

The course will be eight-days in duration for 25 students at a time and will include a module taught by a lecturer flown in from Central St Martins. The course will actually culminate in a tour of Art Basel Hong Kong between 14-17 March, and other galleries in the area. The new course will focus on painting, as well as the programme covering a variety of Western, Asian and local perspectives. The course costs HK$29,000 or £2,300 and applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent qualification.

The head of the School of Professional and Continuing Education Centre for Degree Programmes, Ken Wong – says the course will actually challenge the educational programmes run by auction houses. “[They] primarily focus on the art [sold] at auctions, which are usually masterpieces or highly popular ones that set a high financial hurdle for novice collectors,” he says. “An art fair offers a wider range of art works with some being sold at more affordable prices. The question then is whether an individual possesses the ability to judge what is worthwhile to collect.”


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