Art Wars Official Pink Stormtrooper of Sweden Announced

Art Wars

The Ceremony of the Official Pink Storm Trooper of Sweden (PS2) was held at 3E Vaningen Arts Center in Gothenburg on Sunday 12th April   The selected candidate is 39 year old artist Sara-Lo Ekenstam from Gothenburg who was awarded the honour by Art Wars founder Ben Moore.  The pink armour and helmet were laid out in front of the audience and Moore assisted Sara Lu in putting it on.  A video of the ceremony can be viewed here and photos can be seen below.  

Sara Lu says ‘Why do I want to be the Pink Stormtrooper of Sweden? I was borne to be the Pink Stormtrooper of Sweden!’

Ben Moore says ‘I want to say thank you to all the people who applied to take part.  It has been a difficult decision to make as the standard of entries was so high, but I feel Sara-Lo Ekenstam will exceed all our expectations and raise the precedent for Pink Stormtroopers to follow all over the world.’

3e Vaningen Arts Center have agreed to dedicate a solo show to exhibit the documentation of the life and experiences of the ‘Pink Stormtrooper of Sweden’ and a video / photo diary will be kept up to date on a new wesbite that Moore is currently looking to develop specially for this ongoing project. 

In his practise Moore plans to unleash multiple Pink Stormtroopers around the world. In effect he wants to build a potential army of licensed performers to make art with, as well as them making their own performance pieces whilst being the official Pink Stormtrooper (PS) of their own country.  Each piece of PS armour is stamped on the inside with their number and name of country for example “PS 2: Sweden”.  The idea is to make each set of armour unique and traceable. That way each PS armour has its own value and its own history. This also means that each PS armour can develop its own notoriety, especially if its wearer becomes well known or well regarded in their own right or if they were involved in a particular PS stunt.  

If you would like to be the pink stormtrooper of your country then please contact



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