Artist Gerry Judah And Skateboarding Champion Rune Glifberg Create Joint Project

Gerry Judah

Combining art and skateboarding is not an easy task, but burn Yard, is going the extra mile. Pro skater Rune Glifberg and the world-renowned sculptor Gerry Judah are brought together for the first time to devise a piece of work that unites both their fields. Gerry knows nothing about skateboarding, but he’s learning fast. His creation is going to be the centerpiece at burn Yard live in Budapest. And Rune has to be able to skate it.

On July 26th,Gerry Judah and champion skateboarder Rune Glifberg unveiled a ‘skate-able’ sculpture at burn Yard Live, the culmination of a new creative program from burn.  The program saw a series of leading innovators from the worlds of art, music and sport collaborate to create a series of incredible fusions of creativity.

The spectacular sculpture they created together can be viewed the behind-the-scenes on video here:

In this behind-the-scenes video, Rune and Gerry discuss the common ground between art and skateboarding and the challenges faced designing a ‘skate-able’ sculpture.  The video follows a trip to a skate park, observing the movements and shapes of the skateboarders and experimenting with how that might translate into the lines of a sculpture. This video is actually the second in a series following all of the creative collaborations showcased at the burn Yard Live event. 

Artist Gerry Judah And Skateboarding Champion Rune Glifberg Create Joint Project

Gerry Judah
Gerry Judah is one of the world’s leading installation artists. He has created settings for the BBC, British Museum, Imperial War Museum, performers including Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, The Who, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page and has worked in a number of theatre productions for the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Royal Opera House and the English National Opera as well as creating spectacular sculptures for the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed and bridges in London and Cambridge.

Amongst a number of commissions from public museums and institutions, Gerry has produced a highly acclaimed body of large three-dimensional paintings exploring the devastations of war and the ravages man has made upon the environment, many of which have entered international public and private collections.

Rune Glifberg
Universally recognized as one of the true legends of the sport and one of the most stylish and progressive skaters on the planet, Danish skater Rune Glifberg brought his skills and experience to burn’s new skate program, as team founder and mentor. “Adding burn to my list of sponsors is an honor and a privilege. It opens up new doors and opportunities for my career, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to join the burn skateboard team.”- Rune Glifberg


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