Artlyst London Launches Sister Website In Sao Paulo Brazil

Artlyst London is proud to announce the launch of our new sister website Artlyst Brazil. With the help and partnership of Douglas Negrisolli, a young and ambitious curator in Sao Paulo, we have created a platform and app showcasing one of the world’s most important emerging art markets. Artlyst Brazil not only keeps you up to date with breaking news in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and other key cities in Brazil like Brasília, Curitiba and Belém do Pará but it also allows you to find the best Brazilian exhibitions while on the go, from your iPhone.

London’s most popular art information website and app now offers Brazil a comprehensive specialized platform for artists, curators, critics, galleries, auctions and enthusiasts of all visual art disciplines. We are privileged to begin the worldwide expansion of Artlyst in one of the most exciting contemporary art centres globally. From 4 April 2014, Brazilians will have a new channel of information. As a special thanks for discovering us, we are throwing in our brand new iPhone app, rated new and noteworthy on iTunes, for free. Download Here  The Artlyst app opens up a whole new world of Brazilian art at your fingertips. You can find exhibitions of all kinds, nearby, where you are. Whether you live in Brazil or are just visiting, the Artlyst app will be an invaluable guide to what’s happening in Brazil.

Brazil is currently undergoing a transformation in the world of Visual Arts and this is exactly what motivates us to contribute to a better experience and communicate more effectively with the public. There are international fairs such as SP-Arte later in April. Our Artlyst team will be there first hand, reporting and reviewing the event.  We will also keep you posted with all of the best satellite, pop-up exhibitions to see during the fair. With ArtRIO and the São Paulo Biennal in September, trust Artlyst to get it right listing museum exhibitions, hundreds of galleries, important collections, curator shows and all the international projects that make Brazil one of the ‘must go to’ art destinations on the planet.

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Team Artlyst Brazil
Photo: courtesy OMA Gallery


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