Banksy Graffiti Brought To Life In Photo Tableaux

The British born US based photographer Nick Stern has recreated several more photo reenactments of Banksy’s iconic work. The recent additions included a take on Banksy’s Queen’s Diamond jubilee image of a small child sewing flags, along with his classic pulp fiction image showing a banana replacing a gun.

Nick Stern 47 is an internationally acclaimed News and features photographer whose career has taken him to over 40 countries. The London born photographer has contributed to a wide range of publications throughout the world including daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, books, advertising campaigns and television productions. Nick has traveled on assignments throughout Europe, Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and the USA,  covering subjects including people trafficking, child prostitution, natural disasters, immigration, and civil unrest. He has also photographed many of the leading names in the entertainment industry.

Banksy is one of the most important artists of the last 50 years. His work is social and politically charged with genuine substance. He uses graffiti, to reach a wide audience and remains anonymous and unpredictable. His use of humour makes him accessible to a wider  public not just the art world . Banksy’s art creates a lasting impression on all who sees it. Examples like the two policemen kissing, The two children saluting a Tesco carrier bag flag. Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz being busted by the police. The Palestine/ Bethlehem wall pictures. The Napalmed Vietnamese girl holding hands of Ronald McDonald and Mickey Mouse, all possesses underlying political themes that complement the well crafted composition and painting.