Brian Eno Exhibits 77 Million Paintings in Canada

Brian Eno,the musician/producer, who developed the genre known as ambient music, presents his work 77 Million Paintings, in Calgary Canada. The  installation consists of a very slowly evolving, self-generative, sound- and image-scape. The work premiered in Tokyo in 2006, and debuted in Brighton at the 2010 festival in Britain. Eno calls the piece “visual music”.

77 Million Paintings is a constantly evolving sound and imagescape which continues his exploration into light as an artist’s medium and the aesthetic possibilities of “generative software.” Both the music and the visuals in 77 Million Paintings are “generative” — a technique where the artist establishes specific parameters for the artwork to exist within, then lets a computer arrange the pieces. The work’s ambient music track, written by Eno, is assembled like the paintings — layers of sound interwoven to create a complete piece that rarely repeats itself.

Brian Eno may be best known as a musician and composer — from his groundbreaking experimental music recordings of the last three decades to his production work for bands such as U2, Cold Play and the Talking Heads. But he also inhabits the art world’s cutting edge, creating immersive installations that mix sight and sound.

The Exhibition runs from January 6 — March 20, 2011 Glenbow Museum Calgary




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