British Artists Back 2013 Peace One Day’s Global Truce campaign

Peace One Day’s 2013 art project is Building on the success of last years endeavour by involving some of the most celebrated names in British contemporary art. The founder of Peace One Day, Jeremy Gilley has announced that Peace One Day’s 2013 art project will be led by North American artists under the curatorial watch of the British contemporary artist Jake Chapman.

Chapman, auctioneers Phillips de Pury and the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, all of whom were part of Peace One Day’s 2012 art project, have re- committed for 2013. James Golding will continue to lead production for the 2013 art project, with the support of his business partner Sean Pertwee.

The 2012 project artwork, by artists including Damien Hirst, Antony Gormley, Jeremy Deller, Tim Noble & Sue Webster, Gavin Turk, Stuart Semple, Sarah Lucas and Sam Taylor-Wood was auctioned in support of Peace One Day’s Global Truce 2013 campaign at Phillips de Pury London on Thursday evening (4 October).

The 2013 art project will fund Peace One Day’s Global Truce campaign for 2014. Global Truce is an initiative launched by Jeremy Gilley which brought about the greatest participation of individuals in the name of peace, as well as the largest reduction of violence globally on one day on Peace Day 21 September 2012. Participation on Peace Day 2013 is set to exceed that of Peace Day 2012.

Simon de Pury, Chairman of Phillips de Pury & Company, said: Jeremy Gilley’s conviction and enthusiasm can move mountains. It was inspiring to work along with him for this first highly successful auction and we look forward to working with him on others. This is a cause that can’t leave any of us indifferent.

Jake Chapman said, “We hope to generate a similar collaborative project in the USA next year. I have a list of American artists and the appropriate telephone numbers…”

Peace One Day ambassador Jude Law said: “Peace One Day has used music, and is now using art to inspire people to become involved on Peace Day. It’s a fantastic idea. I’m proud to support it.”

Peace One Day founder Jeremy Gilley said: “I’m so grateful to everyone involved in the 2012 project, and thrilled that Jake Chapman, Phillips de Pury, the ICA, James Golding and Sean Pertwee are on board for 2013. We’ll announce more details and participating artists as the project develops. The 2013 art project, culminating on Peace Day 2013, will provide the funds needed to help Peace One Day engage even more people worldwide on Peace Day 2014.”

On Peace Day 2012 the Peace One Day Concert, at Wembley Arena in London was headlined by Elton John, with further performances by James Morrison and 2Cellos.

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