British Heritage The Endgame Of Our Collective Inheritance

Over the last few months, I have been traveling back in time, looking at ‘our’ inheritance as a collective. The Mayan prophecy predicts that through the changes of 2012 that; ‘We will Inherit the Earth’, but what  does this really mean? My personal journey of consciousness provoked me to look at artefacts, architecture and areas of natural beauty and creation going back beyond the Roman occupation in the U.K., thereby beyond A.D. to B.C., to 250 million years. I started this part of my journey in Cornwall in the U.K., I found this location helpful in getting a perspective of creative evolution. In Cornwall I found the evidence of the stone age, the iron age and the Megalithic period going back 1,500 B.C., seeing the stones was useful in understanding our inheritance and our nature as a part of evolution and co-creation. After exploring the Megalithic period 1,500 B.C., I visited the standing stones of Stonehenge at Amesbury, 3,000 – 4,000 B.C., this tied in to a dialogue on creative relationship with Jeremy Deller’s ‘Sacrilege’. I then went to look at the natural phenomena of the mountains created 250 million years ago and often granite based.

Through my understanding of consciousness, philosophy and psychology, I see that our past is our present, is our future, they exist as one. I became interested that on this journey of understanding as it was presented with the ‘present’ dynamic of ‘corporate’ and ‘governmental’ creative life. Through my experience of the Tate at St Ives, Damien Hirst’s restaurant in Devon at Ilfracrombe, an art conference in Penzance and the relationship of Jeremy Deller’s ‘Sacrilege’ in dialogue to Stonehenge. The journey gave me perspective on the projections and overlay of art movement based on ‘concept’. Any true philosopher will tell you if a person creates from their head, concentrating on the ‘concept’ , there can be no journey of enlightenment, through creation from a philosophical perception. Conceptual art seems to hold artistic practice in a limited state of ‘academia’ rather than in the expansive flow of natural ‘Creation’. I am not saying that the mind is not capable of ‘creative’ aspirations, of course it is and much has been achieved, its a particular type of creativity, however by stepping out of the mind and embracing universal consciousness and the co-creation of the collective, we tap in to the all seeing all knowing universe. This allows us to work alongside the God head, the science of creation in a way that encompasses the alchemy of evolution and global shift to bring a buoyancy in lifestyle based on outstanding natural beauty and nourishing relationship with object and artefact.

I was hoping to be able to access this philosophical aspect through my visit to Amesbury, Stonehenge. However, I was met with the problem of inaccessibility with this wonder of the world. To properly access the consciousness of the artifact would have taken a deep meditation, yet I felt the meditation process interfered with and Stonehenge felt dead. This may be due to the £8 entry free to experience ‘our’ 3,000 year heritage from 50 yard distance, the hundreds of visitors that were farmed to be there; they seemed not to be there out of personal interest but because they were on a tourist route with another agenda, I was faced with an inability to stand in front of the Stonehenge and reach the consciousness of the Godhead to ask for inner direction in relationship to such a mysterious phenomena.

Here I found understanding in Jeremy Deller’s work, Sacrilege as I related to his ‘concept’ of a bouncy stonehenge, which seemed to humor and magnify the limit of the tourist ‘trophy’. I related to ‘Sacrilege’ with a need for a deeper relationship with the stones, yet all felt limited by the tourism and marketing strategies, Deller’s concept was limited to a touristic experience, it was within the problems of the system, not free from it or beyond it. The work appeared to be a ‘Sacrilege’ to something that had already been ‘sacrificed’ for money, for a way of cashing in to our heritage by a private heritage company to make as much profit as it wanted. They seemed to mask the direct issue or ‘relationship to artifact’ by creating a circus attraction, humourising an intellectual issue as if impotent to changing the way people related to the sacred site in depth.

‘Sacrilege’ is supported by the Mayor, its is linked in to a government system, it seems an ironic statement within a statement. Tate is also linked in to the Corporation of London, by having Tate at St Ives I experienced an overlay from London to a naturally creative environment in which limit and economy was focused on, more than an expansion in creative understanding and practice. They seemed not to have climbed the mountain of perception.

A week after seeing Stonehenge at Amesbury, I went to an area of outstanding natural beauty in the French Alps, high up in the mountains (2,800m) looking at glaciers, ancient rocks made of granite and limestone and the beauty of flowers. I was presented with the awesome power of natural creation. Looking at mountains dating back to the Triassic period 200 million years ago, the Jurassic period 150 million years, I was in awe at the wonder of creation and the universe.

By going on this journey I began to see how the natural pathology in manmade ‘creation’ developed in to the use of granite ‘standing stones’ the actual stone 150 million years old, yet the standing 1,500 B.C. on average or more. The stones wer used for statements in ‘presence’ survey and in artifact, architecture. I saw the relationship between object and man in a way they harmonised creation through standing stones. When we move in to the iron and bronze period we start to see how the natural metals of the earth combine with wood and stone in to mans expression of creativity with tools and architecture, the evolution becomes more sophisticated.

When traveling, I use intuitive methods to inform my direction, focusing on an O.S. map I was able to find a 1m square circular stone, Men an Tol in a 30 mile area. The power of intuition as it sits within enlightened consciousness continues to offer wonder. There was a beauty about the ‘finding’, the ‘allowance’ in the spontaneity of the journey (often Tate requires bookings to go to exhibition) and the allowance to self inform as to the relevance of the relationship with art object or artefact.

I also explored the holistic perception that had naturally developed in Cornwall, through the witch museum and the wise woman presence. In Cornwall there was a natural understanding of the infrastructure of community and social science. I was also able to connect with and understand the Gods and Goddesses important to the different periods beyond christianity, catholicism and protestant behavior; The consciousness helpful in fertility, abundance and universal consciousness. I embrace spirituality and values from different spiritual practice but have no attachment to any of them.

I have the attitude that everyone and every aspect of social consciousness has a place in the world, I am open to the shifts moving in a positive direction but try not to ‘fear’ the dominance of the problem with worldly issues to do with government and corporations who project limit to do with creation, growth, development, peace and outstanding beauty to do with global issues. I perceive that we are all on a journey as a globe. My ideal vision and dream is that we one day embrace global sovereignty, enabling all people in to a position to put peace, growth and development as a much higher priority to money, fuel and power. Enabling the individual and the collective to simply find direction through their own sovereignty and purpose knowing the values of peaceful, happy and beautiful living come from an inner freedom within the realms of truth as to the nature of being human. In my mind this independence leads to healthy collective consciousness, and is possible through the empowerment of independent sustainable living, so as to not ‘need’ ties of contracts economically, with energy, and in political and business relationship.

This is in fact the journey I have been on as an individual. I let go of all contracts with my home, utility bills and tax. Choosing to lower my income to below the tax line whilst still helping many people, through my visions and development projects, whilst still receiving through home, finance, the selling of paintings, travel and relationship. I inherited my talents, I developed them, nurtured them in to growth, my inheritance is through my natural relationship with the the true nature of myself and those that I realistically connect to. There is a natural service in giving and receiving in which we ‘inherit’ through natural relationship. Some people serve financially, others creatively; through painting, writing, healing, development, philosophy, science etc.

However, we have all inherited the world and all of the people who dwell amongst the Earth. If another person suffers, we suffer, their pain is projected, that is nature, so we are responsible for each other and the problems of the world. To live peacefully we have to acknowledge the responsibility of looking after the Earth and pain in relationship to the needs of the world. We have to stand up and be accountable and claim our ‘inheritance’. By doing this we all share the responsibility of lessoning the pains, the sense of lack and the projections of limit, we are in a position to bring a sense of coherence to worldly issues and to encourage change in to a sense of inner abundance and beauty. Social science is activating a large proportion of that change through social networking sites but there is more to it.

By asking the question – ‘If I was to rule the world, what would I do?’ and by creating a space of dialogue on to your social networks you enable a higher level of creative consciousness and the expression of your sovereignty, which when becomes global allows social science to operate in a way that is phenomenally active in growth, peace and development.

By living in the ties of economic system we serve the private banks as a underlying agenda in all we do, the art system seems to have got tied up in this aspect. We can get trapped in mortgages and debts that can limit living and talent for decades. By doing this we risk loosing all of our inheritance, our creative talents, our relationships, our ability to give and receive through natural service to do with home, family, finance, travel and creative journey. Fundamentally, it becomes appropriate to claim your inheritance. Have you claimed your inheritance?

Words: Amanda McGregor © ArtLyst 2012

Photo: Stonehenge Amanda McGregor© 2012 Photo2 Jeremy Deller Sacrilege  P C Robinson ©