Buckingham Palace Recreated As Gingerbread House for Christmas

Glenn Yehling, an aspiring gingerbread house artist has recreated a model of ‘Buck House’ in honour of the Queens Diamond Jubilee. ‘I wanted to share our families annual holiday tradition of creating something spectacular out of gingerbread. This years global inspiration is the magnificent, Buckingham Palace. Located in the United Kingdom, Buckingham palace has served as the residence of British Royalty since 1837., This project took 5 days to complete and is made entirely of gingerbread and sweets. Our creation is fit for any gingerbread King, Queen, Prince or Duchess’. It is quite possible, that this creation could even satisfy the cravings of the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

Fans of the edible palace, which could go viral on the web, have stated; “Here’s to the family that gingers together”! Yehling patriarch, Glenn, sent the following note with this photo; ‘Please share our tradition for the holidays’. Other web followers have written;  “What the? Who makes Buckingham Palace out of gingerbread? The Yehlings, that’s who. I’m betting William and Kate will be naming the Yehlings as god-family to their unborn child. Look at that thing! Those candy windows are mesmerising. Seriously – I can’t stop looking at them. Did you see the Beefeaters? The fountain? The piped scrollwork? I bet if you looked carefully Queen Elizabeth is in one of the state rooms in this gingerbread palace, she could eat at least one of the rooms herself. I know I’d eat at least two! AHHHH! Enough of this American perception, time to watch the Queens speech in 3D…

In the last few years we have featured a gingerbread house designed by the Turner prize winning artist, Grayson Perry and a faithful recreation of Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘Falling Water House’.

Grayson Perry Gingerbread House


Frank Lloyd Wright Gingerbread House



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