Collateral Drawing Announces Artists For Fifth Exhibition And Publication


What do Rose Wylie, Gary Hume, Tim Noble and Billy Childish have in common? Collateral Drawing, the latest in a series of exhibitions organised by BEASTON Projects. This show sets out to explore the relationship between finished artworks and the accumulative elements that feed into or result from their making. This exhibition and publication with sixteen artists will launch on 2nd September.

There’s more to an artwork than its finished state

There’s more to an artwork than its finished state but exhibitions concentrate on that, along perhaps with preparatory studies which act as preliminary versions of that state. Yet there may be any number of by-products from the making of an artwork, and that is what Collateral Drawing explores by showing the ‘collateral’ alongside the finished work. This fifth iteration to be shown at Strange Cargo in Folkestone features artists who have a connection with Kent.

Gary Hume Collateral Drawing 2017
Gary Hume Collateral Drawing 2017

The collateral may take such forms as the stage setting, models or constructions which are created in order to facilitate the work itself; the redefinition of past work as collateral to a future work in which it is repurposed; various means of recycling aspects of a practice; or the marks which result serendipitously, but with a more than accidental logic, from the production itself.

Every artist has their own unique working method that habitually causes repetitive marks to be inflicted onto or alter their working surroundings. Whether dripped, scratched, taped, erased, smeared, hammered or edited: all are repetitive and typically unguarded instances of the process of drawing through any medium.

This year’s participating Artists include: Rose Wylie | Jonathan Wright | Jonathan Parsons | Tim Noble | Nicole Mollett | Andrew Kötting and Eden Kötting | Gary Hume | Georgie Hopton | Matthew Herbert | Darrell Hawkins | Edgeworth | Bella Easton | Billy Childish | Scarlett Carlos Clarke | Jemima Brown

Tim Noble Bowl of Rusty Water Collateral Drawing 2017
Tim Noble Bowl of Rusty Water Collateral Drawing 2017

The results hold a fascination of their own: not just as a documentation of the artist’s creative process and an indicator of the thinking which led to the finished work, but as an insight into the relationship between what is subconscious and conscious in the artist’s practice.

The Collateral Drawing Series was launched at Plymouth College of Art in February 2014. Since then it has had further editions in Athens, Berlin and East Anglia.

A handsome publication will accompany this Arts Council supported exhibition with essay by Paul Carey-Kent

In conjunction to the exhibition held at Strange Cargo, Collateral Drawing will reveal for the first time its archive of over forty donated by-products from the artists that have shown in the project so far. This will comprise of two Kent based exhibitions at The Margate Washhouse and The Brewery Tap UCA Project Space in Folkestone.

BEASTON Projects presents the fifth exhibition and publication  Collateral Drawing 5 Strange Cargo, 43 Geraldine Road, Folkestone, CT19 4BD 3 September – 5 November 2017 Thursday – Saturdays 11:00 – 17:00 and by appointment

Billy Childish Collateral Drawing 2017
Billy Childish Collateral Drawing 2017


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