Cornelia Parker Save The Arts Photomontage

Turner Prize nominated Artist Cornelia Parker has produced a Photomontage for the Save The Arts campaigne. It shows The Angel Of The North sculpture by Antony Gormley with one of its wings clipped, to symbolize the 25% cuts proposed by the Government. More than 100 top Artistes have joined the campaign including most of the Turner prize winners.

The Turner prize exhibition opens this Tuesday at Tate Britain. Artists nominated this year are:

Angela De la Cruz is based in London. She works by  tearing and folding her paintings before displaying them in doorways, corners or on the gallery floor. In 1998’s Sharon Tate’s House, he tried to echo the way the bodies of the Manson family’s victims were not discovered immediately by police entering the house.The Tate said she considered the stretchers of her canvases as “an extension of the body” and, as a student, had broken them, “freeing [the] painting from the boundaries of its support”.

The Otolith Group – Anjalika Sagar, 42, and Kodwo Eshun, 44, who both live and work in London – have worked on projects including a film which depicts sweatshop workers in Mumbai (Bombay) producing goods in extreme conditions.They”investigate overlooked histories” using archival material.

 Susan Philipsz is a 44 year old  Glaswegian and is best known for replaying recordings of herself, singing well-known songs, over the public address systems of venues including a supermarket and underneath bridges. In 1998’s Filter, she played recordings of her versions of songs by artists including Nirvana, Radiohead and the Velvet Underground on the speakers of a busy bus station.

Dexter Dalwood has been included for paintings which draw on art history while De la Cruz is up for paintings and sculptures “that evoke memory and desire”.

The exhibition runs until the 6 December when the winner will be announced live on television.