Dale Chihuly Presents New Exhibition At London’s Halcyon Gallery

Dale Chihuly

A new exhibition by the glass sculptor Dale Chihuly will open at Halcyon Gallery on 8 February. Dale Chihuly: Beyond the Object sees the American artist respond to the interior architecture of the building – transforming the New Bond Street gallery space with his distinctive hand-blown glass sculptures.

Visitors who enter the gallery will walk beneath the Persian Pergola Ceiling, an immersive canopy of colour, form and light. It will announce the Persian seriesfocusin this exhibition that will include Persian Walls and his new Persian Crescent artworks. This is the first time Chihuly has created a Persian Pergola Ceiling for a gallery setting.

Furthering the encounter between artworks and space, three of the six new Chandeliers created for this exhibition will be suspended over ground installations.  The Cranberry Spire Chandelier and Amethyst Icicle Tower will create a striking negative space between their pointed forms, the Aero Blue Chandelier willentwine with  Cerise Pink Reeds and the Citron Chandelier willmerge into Lime Green Fiori.

Dale Chihuly: Beyond the Object will be the first time the artist has displayed neon artworks in the UK. The 2013 Sapphire Neon Tumbleweeds represent Chihuly’s continued interest in using neon in his artworks.  

The new wall-mounted Fiori artworks see the artist further his experimentation with form and colour; each individual installation will reflect a different combination. These are the latest and more minimalist expressions of Chihuly’s Fiori series, which first appeared as Mille Fiori (Italian for a thousand flowers).

Other artworks on view include Fire Orange Baskets, Macchia and Drawings. British designer Sir Paul Smith has written the introduction to the exhibition catalogue, which will be available from the gallery from 8 February.

The first artwork ever commissioned by Harrods, Chihuly’s Amber and Gold Chandelier,will be unveiled in the new Grand Hall entrance on the 5th February 2014. The 16 feet wide Chandelier will be made up of 1,400 hand-blown glass elements and will include a new diamond-esque Chandelier piece, the Frond, created for use in the artwork.

Of his forthcoming London exhibition, Dale Chihuly said: ‘I’m excited to have this new exhibition opening at Halcyon Gallery, which presents many new architectural installations. I’ve done a lot of shows around the world and increased the visibility of glass to the public—showing that a glass form is not just a functional vessel or a little bubble, but it can be many different things to many different people. I hope everyone enjoys the artwork.’

Paul Green, President of Halcyon Gallery, said: ‘Dale Chihuly: Beyond the Object will allow the viewer to immerse themselves in Chihuly’s work like never before through a series of awe-inspiring installations. The exhibition will show new works representing the breadth and scope of the artist’s vision over the last four decades. Chihuly’s work is yet to be rivalled.’

Dale Chihuly: Beyond the Object opens on Saturday 8 February – until Saturday 5 April 2014.   Halcyon Gallery 144-146 New Bond Street, London