Dale Chihuly Unveils Monumental London Olympic Torch Sculpture

A specially-created, monumental sculpture titled, “Torchlight Chandelier” has been unveiled in Park Lane, as part of world-renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly’s international public art programme. It will remain in situ until after the 2012 olympic games.

As London celebrates the incredible sporting achievements of the world’s finest athletes, this towering beacon heralds this historical year captivating and inspiring the public’s imagination over the coming months.

The 635 kilos Torchlight Chandelier is composed of 350 organically-shaped elements, ranging from elaborate ‘horns’ to ‘goosenecks’. The brilliantly-coloured and clear Chandelier forms a riot of sculptural forms. Standing six metres high, illuminated nightly, its dramatic presence will dominate the central London landscape, becoming a new icon for London.

The Chandelier is one of the few forms in glass that has scale, is three-dimensional, is vessel-related, is animated by light, is airborne and is capable of transforming the environment, which are all important qualities for Chihuly’s work.

Chihuly is an internationally-celebrated contemporary artist. In his hands, the complex fluidity of hot glass, as beautiful as it is dangerous, is transformed into astonishing sculptures, rich in colour, organic in form and exuberant in nature.

Ninety-seven exhibitions in seven countries have presented artworks by Dale Chihuly during the last decade, which have been enjoyed by more than 10 million visitors making Dale Chihuly one of the most popular living artists of our time.

“Halcyon Gallery’s unique approach to showcase art outside of the traditional gallery space is extremely compelling as I want as many people as possible to engage, interact and enjoy my art. Public exhibitions are my favourite form of art because so many people get to see them.”

Dale Chihuly is widely regarded as the most exciting and spectacular artist working in contemporary glass, credited with elevating the medium from the realm of craft to groundbreaking fine art. A prodigiously prolific artist, whose work balances content with thorough investigations in to the properties of glass, Chihuly began working with the material at a time when reverence for glass-making and technique was paramount.