Damien Hirst Targeted In Venice By Animal Rights Activists At Palazzo Grassi

Damien Hirst’s exhibition in Venice which open to the public on April 9 has been targeted by animal rights activists who dumped bags of dung outside the palazzo where the YBA is planning to return following a quiet period. Three weeks ahead of the opening on March 6, 40 kilogrammes of animal excrement was dumped outside of the exhibition venues at the Palazzo Grassi. A  banner stated,  “Damien Hirst Go Home! Check Out This Work of Art! 100% Animalisti.”

“Damien Hirst Go Home! Check Out This Work of Art! 100% Animalisti.”

The 100% Animalisti website released the following statement. “Damien Hirst, English, is one of those fake artists (like Nitsch and Cattelan, of which we have already employed) who build their ephemeral fortunes on the use of animals, stuffed quartered often killed for the occasion, which is the material ” “their performance.

His “works” are among the highest paid in the world. The success of Hirst is based on two elements: to leverage the worst instincts and human feelings, and support of art dealers, critics and gallery owners hired.

The art has nothing to do. Hirst is famous for exposing killed animals and incorporated into formaldehyde, or stuffed, and for the use of thousands of butterflies whose wings are torn and glued on various objects. Death and the taste of the macabre serve to attract attention. Then wealthy collectors such as Saatchi and even the prestigious Sotheby’s think about picking up artificially the prices of junk Hirst. It ‘a squalid commercial operation based on death and contempt for the living and sentient beings.

In April it will start in Venice a dual event dedicated to the last ten years of activity of this individual, with exhibitions at Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana. It ‘a further insult to a city of Art, Art of VERA. it possesses in abundance. CENTOPERCENTOANIMALISTI opposes the commercial use of the life of animals brothers

To show all our contempt for this fake artist and who supports it, the night between 6 and 7 March, our activists have placed at the entrance of the Palazzo Grassi in Venice, an ironic banner against Damien Hirst and downloaded more than 40 kg of Animal dung. They are not excluded other actions and surprise blitz against the shameful “shows” before and during”.


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