Dan Flavin: Major Exhibition Announced For Ikon Gallery

Dan Flavin

Ikon Gallery Birmingham has announced a major exhibition of fluorescent light works by Dan Flavin (1933-1996), one of the most important post-war American artists.

Acquainted with other major figures such as Frank Stella and Barnett Newman, he was especially close to Donald Judd, with both artists sharing an interest in artworks that refer to nothing but their factual presence and an emphasis on industrial materials and intense colour. Ikon’s exhibition spaces will be bathed in radiant light, exemplifying Flavin’s interest in the possibility of “infinite specific expression in relation to specific space.”

About the artist:

Daniel Nicholas Flavin Jr. is born April 1 in Queens, New York, followed by fraternal twin, David John Flavin, a few minutes later. Flavin’s father, Daniel Nicholas Sr., of Irish Catholic descent, was a professional baseball player for a time, then a teacher in programs for immigrants studying for U.S. citizenship, and finally a supervisor of attendance for the Board of Education in Queens. Flavin’s mother, Viola Marion Bernzott, of German descent, was formerly an executive secretary.

About Ikon:

Ikon is an internationally acclaimed art gallery situated in central Birmingham. Housed in a magnificent neo-gothic school building, it is an educational charity and works to encourage public engagement with contemporary art through exhibiting new work in a context of debate and participation. The gallery programme features artists from around the world. A variety of media is represented, including sound, film, mixed media, photography, painting, sculpture and installation.

Dan Flavin: It is what it is and it ain’t nothing else – Ikon Gallery, Birmingham – 13 April to 26 June 2016.