David Hockney iPad Paintings Broadcast Across UK On Large Public Screens

David Hockney’s iPad paintings

David Hockney’s iPad paintings are currently being broadcast across the UK on large, public screens to mark the opening of his Tate Britain retrospective. From Thursday 9 February, millions of people in the UK will see an animation of Hockney’s brushstrokes building to reveal a painting in his inimitable style. The work – Untitled, 382 – depicts his garden in Los Angeles and this will be its European premiere.

This iPad painting is one of more than 70 iPad and iPhone works on show in Tate Britain’s major new exhibition until 29 May. With the help of Ocean Outdoor and Posterscope, people in seven cities – London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, and Newcastle – will also be able to watch the renowned painter’s artistic process.

Hockney wholeheartedly embraces new technology and has painted with iPads since 2010, the year they were introduced. These works will be the focus of the final room of David Hockney – the most extensive retrospective of Hockney to date.

“It is a very exciting moment to see this painting of my garden revealed for the first time in Europe, and on its biggest ever canvas” – David Hockney

David Hockney said: “It is a very exciting moment to see this painting of my garden revealed for the first time in Europe, and on its biggest ever canvas. When I created this work I always imagined it would look rather good on a large scale, and I’m delighted that people from across the UK will see this picture come to life. I encourage everyone to keep calm and carry on drawing – and to come see my show at Tate Britain.”

The creative clip is 60 seconds long and will play every half hour, for seven days. The Ocean Outdoor screens will vary in size with the largest being more than 100 square metres (Birmingham Media Eyes). Hockney has also written a call-to-action: Keep Calm and Carry On Drawing. It is anticipated that the clips could be seen by 20 million people.

The Tate Britain exhibition incorporates a display of analogue and digital approaches to picture making that spans Hockney’s last years in Bridlington and his return to LA. These are presented on large screens of scrolling content, some of which are animated to show the creation of the images. David Hockney is a highly anticipated retrospective that celebrates the artist’s achievement in painting, drawing, photography and video.

Alex Farquharson, Director of Tate Britain, said: “We are so pleased to share the brilliant artistry of David Hockney with the country in such an impactful, innovative way. It will be fantastic to see the painting build on these huge screens. I am sure the size will amplify the nuances of Hockney’s working process. I hope that people will be inspired to try new ways of drawing and to visit the exhibition at Tate Britain to see 60 years of Hockney’s creativity first hand.”



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