David King Reuben: New Exhibition To Open At Display Gallery

Display Gallery will present ‘Baby It’s A Green Light’ an animated exhibition showcasing etchings, lithographs, silkscreens, coloured drawings and digital-hand-mixed prints by David King Reuben.

Reuben’s past works have been a social commentary exploring the relation between culture and religion and examines how this has evolved throughout history. The exhibition takes references from history, mythology, religion, and social culture and throws everything into a humorous blender.

Display Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in Holborn. The gallery is a platform for multidisciplinary collaborations and hosts monthly group and solo shows. The exhibition schedule at Display Gallery focuses on promoting artists that create highly executed works in a variety of media.

About the Artist:

British born artist David King Reuben (b.1988) originally began painting in rebellion to his ultra orthodox Jewish upbringing. At the age of 16 he was given a video recorder and decided to shoot a documentary about the life he had missed out on by living in a secluded religious community.

“Young London” (2007) was a tale of his adventurous filming in transgender nightclubs, shadowing now world renowned graffiti artists and musicians both on tour and in their private lives. This insight into a whole new world was a pivotal moment for Reuben encouraging him to embrace life in a creative field.

Reuben had his first solo show in 2008 age 19 at Beach Blanket Babylon in London’s, Shoreditch. In 2008, Reuben moved to New York City to carry on his exploration of the young arts scene. In the next few years he has had numerous exhibitions in New York Cities famous art districts of Chelsea and Tribeca, while completing a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Video in 2014 at SVA.

‘Baby It’s A Green Light’ will be previewing simultaneously with a large painting show in New York City in Andy Warhol’s late studio – now Soho Arts Club.

Image: Photograph of artist 2012- Dominic White.

David King Reuben: Baby It’s A Green Light – Display Gallery – 5 to 25 November 2015