Five Meter High Godzilla Puppet Comes To Hampstead Heath

Serena Korda

Serena Korda’s exhibition at the Camden Arts Centre, finishes with a final performance titled, ‘Aping the Beast’ which takes place on Saturday 4 May. Commencing with a procession from the Camden Arts Centre to Hampstead Heath, the performance will culminate with a re-enactment of The Battle of the River Plate, in Whitestone Pond, where the monster will be waiting to do battle.  Serena Korda will orchestrate this ambitious finale to her exhibition at the Centre.

Starting at the Camden Arts Centre, the group will travel through the streets of Hampstead before arriving at Whitestone Pond, at the top of Heath Street, Hampstead. On arrival at the Pond, a five-metre tall puppet – The Beast – will be animated in this re-enactment. The public are invited to join in this momentous event.

Aping the Beast features pupils from Fitzjohn’s Primary School dressed as boggarts, the Boob Meteorite and other characters; choreography by Serena Korda and Rosie Heafford and choral music by Daniel O’Sullivan.

British Artist Korda, explores animal symbolism and folklore in this series of three performances and two film pieces. In the second performance, The Boob Meteorite, presented a ritual ballet featuring a towering monster latex puppet, manipulated by a team who have him jigging around by maneuvering bamboo poles, and a diminutive dancer gracefully pirouetting around him clad in an agglomeration of boobs. Low-tech materials and artifice evidence the hand-made, exuding innocence and the charm of old-style B-movies such as Godzilla and King Kong.  The dance of the monster and boob meteorite, is accompanied by live musicians, each bearing a latex all see-ing “third eye” in the centre of their respective foreheads. It was refreshing, silly and strange, but in context with the other works, addresses issues of greater meaning to do with the power of ritual.

The procession departs Camden Arts Centre 4 May at 3.00pm, with the performance due to finish at 4.30pm.


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