Foster & Berean: Latest Virtual Collaboration Opens At Evelyn Yard

Foster & Berean

For their exhibition, Shadow of a Doubt, at Evelyn Yard, Foster & Berean are presenting a new series of wall -based sculptures. Living separately in London and New York much of Foster & Berean’s collaborative practice relies upon a virtual communication that takes place within the pseudo realistic spaces of architectural 3D modeling software.

Image: Foster & Berean – Shadow of a Doubt, Installation View, Photograph by Tom Carter.

The brand new series sees the artists focusing upon what is lost and what is generated through this working methodology. Taking the act of model making as a starting point, the artists have collected from an architectural model making company the off cuts of the laser cutting process.

Image: Foster & Berean – Shadow of a Doubt, Installation View, Photograph by Tom Carter.

These off-cuts, when separated from the clients’ desired content, exist as a physical representation of the space around an idea. After 3D modeling the found forms, Foster & Berean have then had them remade at the largest possible scale in aluminium by an industrial laser cutter. At this scale, and materiality, the sculptures have the physicality of built architecture whilst still alluding to the propositional.

Through this process Foster & Berean consider when an idea and its possible form become concrete: perhaps at the very initial conception, perhaps never.

About the artists:

Pat Foster and Jen Berean, based in London and New York respectively, are a collaborative duo working together since 2001. Through undertaken projects and interventions at numerous gallery and museum spaces, they are best known for dissecting the fabric of contemporary society, investigating the vocabulary of architecture and urban design, and exploring the codes and systems hidden within.

Patrick Foster born 1981 Launceston, Australia, Jen Berean born 1981 Calgary, Canada. Live and work in London and New York respectively. Recent exhibitions include: Yesterday Night, Rowhill Mansions, London, The White Hotel, Gimpel Fils, London, June Snow, Evelyn Yard, London, Nuove Tendenze, Neon Parc, Melbourne, Ian Potter Sculpture Garden commission, MUMA, Melbourne, Double Negatives, Centre For Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, Parallel Collisions, Adelaide Biennial of Art, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide Residencies: 2015 ISCP Residency, New York, 2014 Artist in Residency Monash University, Prato.

Lead image: Foster & Berean – Shadow of a Doubt, Installation View, Photograph by Tom Carter.

Foster & Berean: Shadow of a Doubt – Evelyn Yard – until December 23, 2015.