Frieze Art Fair 2010: Sculpture Park Preview

Frieze sculpture park preview

I visited the Frieze Art Fair today and saw some of the the works  being installed in its Sculpture Park.

The Sculpture Park offers a rare opportunity to see a significant group of international

work that is addressed on a public scale. Presented in the wonderful setting of the

English Gardens of Regent’s Park the Sculpture Park is located a short walk to the

east of the entrance to the fair. Entry to the Sculpture Park is free to the public and is

an opportunity for all to see work by some of the most interesting artists working


This year’s Sculpture Park presents work by a broad selection of artists, including

some of the most acclaimed international sculptors working today. These include new

works by Hans Peter Feldman and Ceal Floyer, as well as pieces by Marie Lund

and Franz West.

Jeppe Hein, whose work Appearing Rooms on the Southbank of London was a

hugely popular spectacle in 2008, will present 1-Dimensional Mirror Mobile (2009), a

two-sided mirror that is inspired by Alexander Calder’s kinetic sculptures. Wolfgang

Ganter and Kaj Aune’s piece, Trash (2010), is a moving installation that emits sound

and smoke. For his work, Les Bikes de Bois Rond (2010) Gavin Turk has created 15

art bicycles that will be available for visitors to ride around the inner circle of

Regent’s Park, on returning the bicycles, participants will receive a certificate signed

by Turk declaring them an authentic work of art.

This year’s Sculpture Park demonstrates an international reach, with representation of

works from emerging artists from around the world. Artists whose work will be

presented in the 2010 sculpture park includes Sanchayan Ghosh, from Experimenter

gallery in Kolkata, whose work DOOSRA – The Other Maze (2010) will consist of a

bamboo maze and look to interrogate ideas surrounding nationalism and identity.

Work will also be included by art collective Slavs and Tatars, from The Third Line

gallery in Dubai, who will present the work A Monobrow Manifesto (from Friendship

of Nations: Polish Shi’ite Showbiz) (2010).

Other highlights this year include a work by John Russell, Public Sculpture (2010),

Daniel Silver’s The Smoking Silver Father Figures, (2010).