Frieze Projects Appoints Curator Sarah McCrory 2011

Frieze Projects

Program Details Announced Today

Frieze Projects is well respected for its newly commissioned artworks by international artists. It offers them an opportunity to work in an unique context, the artists commissioned by Frieze Projects use the Frieze Art Fair as a site to realise ambitious ideas, in an exceptional environment. Frieze Projects is also a programme of artists’ commissions realised annually at Frieze Art Fair. Curated by Sarah McCrory, this year the programme includes eight specially
commissioned projects as well as the Emdash Award. The artists commissioned to create site-specific works for Frieze Art Fair 2011 are: Bik Van der Pol, Pierre Huyghe, Christian Jankowski, Oliver Laric, LuckyPDF, Peles
Empire, Laure Prouvost and Cara Tolmie. This year’s programme incorporates a number of unique viewpoints throughout the fair hat will demand a shift in viewers’ perception, ranging from Laure Prouvost’s idiosyncratic signs positioned in response to the fair’s architecture, to Bik Van der Pol’s physical commentary on the environment, which will take the form of an abstract script writ large on a live text ‘scoreboard’. Pierre Huyghe’s aquarium demands that the fair
audience looks at a micro-level, exchanging the chaotic bustle and bright lights of the fair for a dark contemplative space, whilst Oliver Laric’s web-based project will have a life after the fair, existing and spreading virally in new forms. Christian Jankowski’s project engages directly with the idea of sales and exchange and the value of luxury goods,
whereas LuckyPDF and Peles Empire are representative of grassroots practice, bringing emerging artists, artistic social enterprise and new technologies to the 2011 fair.
The Emdash Award 2011 recipient is Anahita Razmi. She will present a new commission that intends to draw attention to how Tehran’s skyline was recently used by protestors after the Iranian presidential election. She will use Trisha Brown’s 1971 work Roof Piece, which took place on 12 different rooftops over a ten-block area in downtown New York,
as its point of departure. The work will be presented as a video installation at Frieze Art  Fair. The Emdash Award is supported by the Emdash Foundation, a private foundation with a mission to support new ideas and emerging talent across disciplines, from the arts and cultural projects to science.
 Frieze Projects is commissioned by Frieze Foundation and is supported by the Emdash Foundation. Frieze Art Fair is sponsored by Deutsche Bank for the eighth consecutive year.