Gavin Turk and Cornelia Parker Support Anti Fracking Benefit Gig

We Need To Talk About Fracking was an Anti Fracking Benefit Gig which took place in London 12 March. The event featured live performances from YBA Gavin Turk, Mark Stewart and DJ John Pandit. Along with artist Cornelia Parker who designed posters and Vivienne Westwood who was one of the guest speakers. The fundraising concert was headlined by electronica band Asian Dub Foundation and marked the beginning of a series of high profile events rallying behind the campaign / under the banner ‘We Need To Talk About Fracking’

The campaign demands the halting of fracking, in order to call for an independent enquiry into the long-term effects of this unstable and untested technology. “It is clear that we are not being told the whole truth about fracking in the UK when we are told that it is safe. In fact, there are several potential threats to our countryside, our water and our health.” Vivienne Westwood.

The event also saw the launch of the UK’s first anti-fracking beer from the The Hop Fuzz Brewery ‘What The Frack?’ and ‘Fracking Hell’ beers bear labels designed by artist Bob and Roberta Smith. “Our main concern is with the speed at which fracking has been approved by officials, leading to the potential risk of errors occurring underneath the water table in the Kent countryside. This in turn could pose dire consequences to our water supply, which we rely on to produce our beer” Daryl Stanford, managing director, Hop Fuzz brewery.

‘We Need To Talk About Fracking’ is a growing coalition of popular culture figures, scientists and respected organizations that are coming together to challenge the claim that fracking is as “safe” as we are being told and calling for a more independent enquiry into the technology.


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