God Save Mr Brainwash And His Diamond Jubilee Abomination

Mr Brainwash, perhaps the worlds worst non artist in history, has released a new mass produced print in order to properly exploit the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The work of graphic design celebrates the Queen’s 60 years on the throne. By releasing “Jubilation” Mr. Brainwash is adding to his portfolio, which has turned non intrinsic materials, literally into gold.

This print is an eight-color screen print on deckled edge archival art paper. Each print is signed, numbered and thumb printed by the artist.
Half of the edition will be available online on Tuesday, June 5th at 12pm pst, and the other half will be available in London for those willing to stoop to the level of this blatantly commercial opportunist, by buying one.

The print depicts a guardsman in a bear hat, watching over the Queen, as she daubs red, white and blue paint on a brick wall, splattering it all over herself, in an undignified manner. She is accompanied by one of her treasured Corgies. Other cliché subject matter in the composition include an old fashioned red telephone box and a Union Jack. I’m sure Jamie Reid and Banksy are rolling their eyes at this one!!!!

Thierry Guetta (AKA Mr Brainwash) is not really an artist as such, but a master of pastiche. His work resembles other artists work and he has no real identity of its own. If he were in a band it would be like sampling other peoples records and assembling them into a new track. His work is executed in a studio factory with a team of young art students creating much of the physical work. Like Hirst and Koons Guetta’s work is reasonably well crafted but it still lacks the soul of a true artist. Many of his ideas come from art books.