Google Street Art View Showcases Graffiti

Google’s “Street View” has now been utilized to showcase works of graffiti art from around the globe. The project has been realized through a collaboration between the Brazilian ad agency Loducca and energy drinks manufacturer Red Bull. The sponsorship has created an innovative source for discovering new and exciting works and the project is user driven. Artwork is searchable by location or author, and while locations are restricted to those places where Google’s cameras have circulated, Street Art View’s goal to be “the biggest art collection in the world” seems quite achievable. After just a few days on the air, the platform has already more than 200 walls tagged in various countries, including names such as Keith Haring, Os Gêmeos and Banksy.The Website describes it as a “collaborative collection of Google’s Street View locations showcasing Street Art from all over the world.” Visitors can peruse a map, with markers picking out locales where users have found images of graffitied murals in Google’s woozy street scenes. And of course, visitors can contribute to the tagging themselves — tagging images, not walls, that is — if they want to contribute to the exercise. Here is the link you can view by city so London is ready to tag!         Street Art View


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