Graffiti Of David Cameron And Boris Johnson As Rioters Found In Banksy Hotspot

David Cameron

A graffiti artist has stencilled an image of David Cameron and Boris Johnson as rioters onto a wall previously adorned by a Banksy. The artwork, which experts do not believe to be by Banksy himself, depicts the pair next to the word ‘Eton Posse’, in a reference to the infamous public school both men attended, and where the uniform consists of top hat and tails.

The Prime Minister and London Mayor are painted in the act of throwing bottles, echoing the widely broadcast scenes of last year’s riots across the country. The graffiti, in Banky’s home town Bristol, is furthermore adorned by the word ‘Hoax’, which has been suggested as a possible signature.

The graffiti has appeared on the same wall in Upper Maudlin Street where a Banksy mural was sprayed over last year. Although in a Banksy style, the graffiti artwork is not thought to be by Banksy original primarily due to the fact that it has not been claimed by the artist on his website – the only real way to authenticate such a piece.

Banksy’s original artwork, located opposite Bristol Children’s Hospital, depicted a crouched armed police officer with a child about to make him jump by bursting a paper bag behind him. It was painted in October last year but was described by residents as an ‘act of vandalism’ after it was covered in black paint.

In July, Banksy’s gorilla in a pink mask painting on the wall of the ex-North Bristol Social Club, in Eastville, Bristol, was also painted over. The building’s new owner, Saeed Ahmed, said he had never heard of Banksy and mistakenly had the wall whitewashed. This was probably a mistake. Since Banksy made his name with his stencil-style guerrilla art in public spaces, his works have sold for hundreds of thousands of pounds.

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