Grayson Perry Conceptual Holiday Home Causes Traffic Jams In Rural Essex

Grayson Perry

An Essex house designed by the Turner Prize winning artist Grayson Perry has proved so popular with fans that it is causing traffic jams in the area. The conceptual art house was built for a television series ‘Grayson’s Great Design’. The project followed a year-long building task involving time, budget and aesthetics. Perry, who derived his inspiration from the “single mums in Dagenham, hairdressers in Colchester, and the landscape and history of Essex.” The project was funded by Living Architecture, a company formed by philosopher Alain de Botton which aims to create holiday homes in properties with unusual designs. The house features a tiled facade, with statues and images set into the tiles, and a roof with a brass finish.Perry said he ‘toned down’ his original design, created while “doodling wildly and quite drunkenly in front of the TV”.

The holiday home in Wrabness, Essex is yet to be finished. It was built at the end of a narrow cul-de-sac. Residents say motorists have flocked to the area and caused traffic problems on narrow roads near the site. Essex Highways has agreed to carry out works to relieve the situation. Locals say the house has already generated huge public interest One resident said, the issues had been “significant” and people living in the area were bracing themselves for the warmer months when even more visitors were expected. Wrabness Parish Council said: “Residents have been beset by problems such as access and egress to their properties, conflicting vehicle movements, inconsiderate parking and awkward manoeuvring.” As well as new signs and road markings, talks will be held with the operator of the railway station car park to see whether it could be used by visitors to the Grayson Perry house. Carlo Guglielmi, Essex County Council’s member for Tendring Rural West, said: “It is an iconic thing and it is beautiful to have it here in Tendring. But we’ve always had concerns about access.

Grayson Perry has not commented on the matter.


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