Group Exhibition Starting Grid To Open At Display Gallery

Starting Grid

Display Gallery presents the group exhibition ‘Starting Grid’. In the world of art in which change is a prerequisite and the ever-accelerating search for something new tends to dominate, there is some reassurance to be found in the continuing interest and use of the grid. From its earliest appearance at the beginning of the 20th Century the grid became a seminal tool used by numerous artists who devoted their careers to its exploration.

From Piet Mondrian and Jan Schoonhoven through to Sol LeWitt, Agnes Martin and Carl Andre, the grid was a vital compositional element that found particular favour at the height of the minimalist movement. In an extensive group exhibition entitled Starting Grid, Display Gallery, London is delighted to present 10 Berlin-based artists whose work dissects and appropriates grids.

Using the 2 floors of the gallery space, with mediums including painting, drawings, foldings, collage, wall and installative works, the artists grapple with the given grids found in graphic design and graph-paper or by asserting their own grids onto their work or the gallery space. The rational structure created by grids is fertile ground for the various approaches made by each individual artist who continue to contribute to its ongoing evolution.

Display Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in Holborn. The gallery is a platform for multidisciplinary collaborations and hosts monthly group and solo shows. The exhibition schedule at Display Gallery focuses on promoting artists that create highly executed works in a variety of media.

The artists exhibiting are: Frank Badur, Ronald de Bloeme, Anja Gerecke, Amélie Grözinger, Olaf Holzapfel, Haleh Redjaian, Johannes Regin, Fiene Scharp, Tim Stapel, Hanns Schimansky.

Starting Grid – The Display Gallery – from 8 May to 29 May 2015


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