Guerrilla Girls Takeover Tate Modern’s Edit Shop

guerrilla girls

In a spirited collision of art and activism, the Guerrilla Girls collective is set to ignite the Tate Edit shop at Tate Modern on Thursday, 12 October. This takeover marks the third annual transformation of Tate Edit, a space synonymous with experimental shopping experiences, following successful collaborations with artists Chila Kumari Singh Burman in 2021 and Bob & Roberta Smith in 2022.

Established in 1985 in the heart of New York City, Guerrilla Girls rose from the shadows as a dynamic group of anonymous women artists fiercely battling against discrimination and corruption within the art world. Armed with facts, humour, and audacious visuals, they have crafted a legacy of powerful posters, billboards, books, stickers, animations, and actions, expanding their reach far beyond art to encompass realms as diverse as politics, film, and war. With a longstanding history at Tate, spanning over two decades, Guerrilla Girls have become a vital voice within the institution, their work a testament to resilience and rebellion.

Tate Edit will showcase a meticulously curated range of products for this takeover. Among the offerings are archival posters from the 1980s, branded merchandise, stationery, eco-conscious bottles from Chilly’s, and bags by LOQI. Guerrilla Girls’ provocative slogans leap off fashion products, while a unique ‘Feminist Masked Avenger’ collection awaits young enthusiasts. Art collectors will find intrigue in a striking large-scale neon gorilla light, giclée reproduction prints, and a carefully curated collection of feminist literature.

The visual spectacle extends to the shop’s design, where every inch pulsates with the Guerrilla Girls’ signature style. Collaboratively envisioned shop windows and entrances feature the iconic gorilla mask tearing through vinyl in a comic book-inspired frenzy. Inside, the space is transformed into two distinct realms: one for contemplation and another for action. A fly-poster wall, capturing the Guerrilla Girls’ essence, wraps around the space, urging visitors to engage with its vibrant, multi-voiced statements.

Immersive experiences abound, including a chalk blackboard where visitors can inscribe their slogans in response to the participatory exhibit, a dedicated Complaints Department, and a playful photo booth adorned with giant sunglasses, inflatable bananas, and masks – inviting interactive engagement.

For a deeper dive into the Guerrilla Girls’ universe, Tate Modern visitors can explore their iconic works, including the celebrated pieces “Dearest Art Collector” (1986), “The Advantages of Being A Woman Artist” (1988), and “Do Women Have to be Naked to Get into the Met. Museum” (2012), displayed on Level 4 in the Natalie Bell Building as part of the free Media Networks exhibit.

The Tate Edit shop welcomes art enthusiasts and provocateurs from 10:00 to 18:00 daily until Spring 2024. Late-night openings coincide with Tate Modern Lates on 27 October and 24 November 2023, promising more artistic revelry. Additional events, including a special guest appearance slated for January, are yet to be unveiled, ensuring a continuous tapestry of thought-provoking encounters.

Prepare to be captivated, challenged, and inspired – Guerrilla Girls’ takeover at Tate Modern is more than a shopping experience; it’s a vibrant journey into the heart of art’s revolutionary spirit. Stay tuned for a transformative exploration of creativity, activism, and the relentless power of artistic expression.

Top Photo: Guerrilla Girls, Women In The World 2016, Photo by Katie Booth

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