Henri Rousseau Painting Stolen From Museum Charlotte Zander

Henri Rousseau

A painting by artist Henri Rousseau the famous Post-Impressionist; was stolen from Germany’s Museum Charlotte Zander on October 3rd of this month according to reports by the dpa. The museum is located in the Schloss Bönningheim, in the town of the same name around 40 kilometers north of Stuttgart.

Although the identity of the painting has not been officially released as yet; the work reportedly depicts a vase holding a large bouquet of flowers; and not the artist’s best-known depiction of jungle scenes – which were Rousseau’s favourite – even though he never left France or saw a jungle. Instead the artist’s inspiration came from illustrated books and the botanical gardens in Paris, as well as tableaux of taxidermy wild animals.

The painting was not the only Rousseau on display and was hanging in a gallery along with other works by by the artist. The unnamed Roussea painting was actually slipped from its frame during normal opening hours under the very eyes of staff on duty. This divisive act ironically occurred on a national holiday of German Unity Day. The Post-Impressionist work is said to be worth around of €50,000 or £39,000.

German authorities finally told the dpa of the theft and that the investigation has made little progress thus far – More than a week after the painting was removed from the museum by the perpetrator. “We still haven’t had a single solid tip,” a police spokesperson stated to the news agency on Tuesday.

The police will attempt to use various internet portals and forums to scare up evidence. The authorities are hoping to enlist the help of the art world to identify the painting, if the work should resurface on the art market. The spokesman stated that his agency was widening its search for the painting. Though it remains unclear to the authorities whether or not the painting remains in the region or in Germany at large, and are therefore expanding their search internationally.


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