Jake & Dinos Chapman Can’t Pay Your Fees? We’ll Pay Your Fines

100 artists, designers and actors have offered their help by funding the legal fees of students caught up in the tuition protests, taking place since cuts were announced, last autumn. Money will be raised through an auction of clothes and art work.The concept of the  fund was launched by artist Jake Chapman. It offers to pay any student’s legal fees or fines incurred.  “We obviously can’t pay their higher education fees, but we do have the ability to pay the fines, both in the future and retrospectively,” Chapman told the Sunday Times “We are very much in favour of their campaign of protest and if necessary, civil disobedience”.

The coalition Government with its plans to increase university tuition fees up to £9,000 a year is unfair, unjust and unpopular. It is just another moral dilemma that needs to be addressed by public figures. Artists,Damien Hirst, Rachel Whiteread, Marc Quin, Designer,Stella McCartney and Musician, Mick Jones are some of the heavy weights lending their names to the cause.”The continuing campaign of civil disobedience“. This online petition, soon to be announced is open for all to sign. If you don’t believe that future students should be saddled with 30 years of future debt, sign this important document. Watch this space for link.

Jake Chapman was born in Cheltenham in 1966. Dinos Was born in London in 1962. The Chapman Brothers officially announced their working collaboration in November 1992 by publishing their anti-aesthetic manifesto. “We Are Artists” which was stenciled in brown paint and smeared on a wall at the ICA Gallery London.

They attended the Royal College of Art together 1988-90 and it is documented that they worked as assistants to Gilbert and George.The artistic duo belong to the so-called Young British artists (YBA) and have been creating their radical sculptures using plastic mannequins and model making since 1993. They were shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 2003.The Charles Wollaston award in 2003 was their first major art prize. A number of the Chapman brothers’best-known works were included in the Royal Academy’s controversial, Sensation exhibition.The Chapman Brothers reference Auguste Rodin, William Blake and Nicolas Poussin. Much of their work is in bronze painted to look like plastic.