Jerry Hall Portrait By Lucien Freud Goes Under The Hammer

The Former partner of Mick Jagger, Model Jerry Hall will auction part of her art collection at Sotheby’s next week. included is a portrait by Lucian Freud, expected to fetch up to £1.2 million. The painting ‘Eight Months Gone’ shows Ms Hall, nude and eight months pregnant. The sale also includes works by Damien Hirst, Andy Warhol, and Francesco Clemente, as well as two additional works by Freud and a photograph of the late east-London gangster Ronnie Kray by David Bailey. All will be sold Oct. 15-16 as part of Sotheby’s London Autumn contemporary art sale. Hall said the unusually intimate painting was conceived after she and Freud sat next to each other, at a dinner party, when she was eight months pregnant, with her son Gabriel. The artist asked her if she would pose for him and said they had to begin immediately because she was so close to giving birth. The portrait is known to the public after a high-profile showing at the Tate.


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