Jimi Hendrix Exhibition The London Years

Jimi Hendrix Exhibition

A new exhibition opens today at the Handel House Museum, in central London which celebrates and explores the London life, music, performances and legacy of the musician, who moved into the top floor flat of 23 Brook Street in 1968 the former home to the great baroque composer George Frideric Handel from 1723 until his death in 1759.For the first time the public,may have a look around his London pad, Now used as offices, the flat will be open for guided tours Sep 15-26 ; “The freedom of spirit and demonic intensity of music-making that characterises Hendrix’s work was not unknown to contemporary baroque performers. Improvisation and virtuosity were closely linked, and solo harpsichord performance in baroque times was invariably improvised. Folk music and dance music were integral to even the highest art’ music of the period.They were both immigrants in Britain who changed the face of music — one with a harpsichord and a composer’s pen, the other with an electric guitar. Among the exhibits are the Gibson Flying V guitar that Hendrix played at the Isle of Wight festival in August 1970, handwritten lyrics and a splendid orange velvet jacket and black Westerner hat.There is also a copy of Hendrix’s death certificate. He died in a London hotel on Sept. 18, 1970, aged 27. The certificate gives the archetypally rock ‘n’ roll causes as “inhalation of vomit” and barbiturate intoxication.The exhibition also includes handwritten lyrics to the song Love or Confusion on hotel notepaper with a self-portrait by Hendrix on the back, concert posters and the star’s 1968 UK work permit.

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