Kaleidoscope Exhibits Seven Artists In Mowlem Studios London


The international group Kaleidoscope are showing seven artists in Mowlem Studios off Vyner Street that will take on a multiplicity of art forms that intends to awaken perception through abstraction in shapes, sounds and colour.

ARTISTS: Adeline de Monseignat, Alan Sastre, Ayuko Sugiura, Iyvone Khoo, José Alcañiz, Miyuki Kasahara and Steven Morgana CURATORS: Manoela Bowles and Robertta Marques

Kaleidoscope Exhibits Seven Artists In Mowlem Studios London

Kaleidoscope is more than just the reference and relationship with the optical instrument that generates beautiful symmetrical patterns. When we look into akaleidoscope, there is somehow a response of body, mind, and spirit. We see and think about what and how we are seeing, and feel that there is more to the image and experience than meets the eye. With insightful events throughout the programme Kaleidoscope will connect artists, curators and visitors to share the experiences provoked by the exhibition and take them on to life.
Some of the deep emotions and sensations provoked by the artworks are hard to put in words. Adeline de Monseignat and Miyuki Kasahara create a sensation of synaesthesia, that can be touched and heard with your eyes. Steven Morgana’s sculpture attracts attention to its movement and aesthetics, but it goes beyond the physical first impression and opens up into a conceptual space where Art History and the viewer meet. Alan Sastre and José Alcañiz’s paintings create virtual spaces, imaginary landscapes based on laws of vision to generate powerful optical illusions. Immersive light installations created by Iyvone Khoo and Ayuko Sugiura are a feast for the eyes, they transform according to the spectator’s perspective.

The nature of the artworks presented in the show reflects the kaleidoscopic nature of life: change, order evolving from chaos and the process of creation itself. It reminds us of the interdependence and interrelatedness in life, a deep connection that can only be expressed metaphorically since it’s incommensurable to rationality. It is a foundation for a widening of the human perceptual horizon and broadening of thought and understanding. Activating new realms of the mind to see the world with new eyes and bring to life the awareness that there are as many realities as there are points of view.
3rd-17th of October 2013 Open daily from 10am-6pm (including Sat/Sun) 3-7 Mowlem Street, London, E2 9HE www.kaleidoscopeweb.info
Words: Manoela Bowles, collaborator: Douglas Negrisolli
cover: Ayuko Sugiura, article: Alan Sastre and Adeline Moisegnat

Kaleidoscope Exhibits Seven Artists In Mowlem Studios London



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