Kate Middleton Nude Photos Invade Royal Family Privacy Again

A French magazine has claimed that they are going to publish topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge. The story breaking on the BBC website this morning is said to have ‘Saddened ‘ The Royal Family. The photos are thought to have been taken with a telephoto lens and are of poor quality with signs of pixelation and distortion. They are thought to be genuine. The worry is that better examples may exist.

The magazine ‘Closer’ revealed that the photos were taken when the couple were on holiday last week at the French country house of Lord Linley, the Queen’s nephew,. Officials stated they were not in a position to verify if the photos were genuine at this stage. The Royal couple are currently on a nine-day tour of the Far East. Kate gave her first speech yesterday.

A month ago the Royal Family was scandalised when embarrassing photos of a nude Prince Harry were widely distributed on the internet and in the Sun newspaper. The Press Complaints Commission said it received hundreds of complaints from members of the public but did not act because it had not been contacted by representatives of the Prince. This climate sums up just how much public interest there is in photos of this nature. The greed and drive for publications to print this invasion of the Duchess’s privacy should be condemned.

Meanwhile, Historical portraits of the Duchess of Cambridge feature along with other photographs of the Royal Family, snapped by the internationally renowned photographer Mario Testino between 2003 and 2010 will be shown together for the first time at London’s National Portrait Gallery this October. It includes the official engagement portrait of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge taken in London in 2010.

The eight portraits on display include Testino’s earliest image of HRH The Prince of Wales, from 2003 which was commissioned as an official portrait and another of HRH Prince William, taken in the same year to mark his 21st birthday. Other early photographs on display include HRH The Prince of Wales, HRH Prince William and HRH Prince Henry, commissioned for their official Christmas card in 2004. The official commission to mark HRH Prince Henry’s 21st birthday will be on display as well as a portrait of HRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, commissioned by British Vogue in 2006 and another photograph of this royal couple in their car, taken in 2010, from Testino’s personal work. The display will coincide with the exhibition Mario Testino, British Royal Portraits on display at the Museum of Fine Art (MFA) in Boston from the 21 October 2012.

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