Kate Steps out in Vintage Look At Freud Exhibition

Kate Middleton has outwitted everyone in the fashion industry by wearing a Vintage coat dress on her first official solo engagement, at the National Portrait gallery. It was designed by the minor high street brand, Jesire which has now ‘ceased to trade’. The grey tweed garment was retailed through John Lewis a mid-range department store, better known for its acres of matronly clothing than the youth or high fashion market. This was a clear indication that The Duchess of Cambridge will not bow to style dictators like Anna Wintour, the English born queen of Manhattan fashion, known for her dark shades, Dynel wigs and oh yes, Prada.

Kate made a spectacular solo debut at London’s National Portrait Gallery,this week,  where she attended the private view of the Lucian Freud portrait exhibition. She was greeted by the Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt as well as by Sandy Nairne, the gallery’s director. Kate was escorted around the exhibition by Nairne as well as the co-curators of the exhibition. In the gallery she mingled with well known art world personalities, including the photographer Mary McCartney (Linda and Paul’s daughter) and  Bella Freud, the artist’s daughter, who was also the subject of a 1996 oil on canvas, featured in the show. The Duchess was particularly taken by the painting “Large Interior W11 (after Watteau) painted in 1981 and spent a long time gazing at the work. Freud gathered together several people that were close to him as the subjects in the picture, which was based on a painting by Jean-Antoine Watteau from 1712. There were no blushes on view as Kate leisurely strolled through the graphic nude paintings, which are a trademark of Freud’s output. Not even the ample bodies of Sue the Benefits Supervisor or Leigh Bowery caused a raised eyebrow. The exhibition continues until 27 May.

Photo: Kate Poses in Front of Lucian Freud Painting 2012

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