LGBT Art Exhibition Explores Works Inspired By Differing Sexualities

Together is a group show at the Occupy My Time Gallery in Deptford of 12 artists who are all not straight. Their works are not confined or stereotypically inspired by their differing sexualities, even when the themes that led to them are socially and politically based upon pertinent deep felt truths. Curated by exhibiting artist Enzo Marra, the show is Arts Council funded and runs between the 6th June and 6th July 2013.

Inspired to curate this group show by the unfortunate connections of overt fantasy bodies and unfeasible sexual scenes potentially accompanied by a rainbow, which the term LGBT art usually inspires, the selection of artists included are from the LGBT community but do not feel the necessity or pressure to rigidly employ the stereotypical subject matter expected, offering their work a greater richness and complexity which relates to them as people and not merely as sexual preferences.

Whether they are dealing with the imposition of a presumed heterosexuality, issues of masculinity and the notion of ‘lack’, identity and its connection to place, objects and relationships, continuing a dialogue between the canvas and our place in the cosmos, reinterpreting iconic or familiar imagery from art and culture, using memories, news headlines, tv and advertising as subject matter or ridiculing the absurdity of gun-toting machismo. Figurative, abstract, painted, drawn, collaged, constructed, mosaiced, composed of the most mixed media, they are producing works that bear their own highly individual fingerprints not that of a generic whole.

Amongst this number there are exhibitors from the Threadneedle Prize and the John Moores Painting Prize, recipients of the John Jones ‘Art on Paper’ acquisition award via the Zoo Art Fair and the Abbey Award at the British School at Rome, successful artists who have set up and are running one of London’s leading contemporary artist-run spaces, “Pride In The House” overall winners at Lauderdale House and GFEST exhibitors.

The artists included in the exhibition are Christina Berry, PaulCoombs, Ian Hodgson, Jon Howe, David Lock, Enzo Marra, Patrick O’Donnell, Erin Prior, Jay Rechsteiner, Chris Shoulder, Boa Swindler and Chiara Williams.

Together: Occupy My Time Gallery in Deptford runs between the 6th June and 6th July 2013.

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