London Street Art Commemorates Royal Wedding

As official photographers are preparing to record Kate and William’s big day tomorrow, a number of alternative images created by artists have appeared on the streets of London, There also seems to be a glut of work in the more ‘off west-end ‘ galleries. The street works are perhaps, best kept a secret and we ask you not to reveal the actual location, in case councils decide to get their power washers out in order not to offend the thousands of tourists that have set up camp in and around The Mall and Westminster Abbey. Some of them are interesting others derivative of Jamie Reid’s graphic design work from the 1970’s. This shows just how much influence his work has had on a younger generation of artists.

Rich Simmons and Eska created the first work (above) to turn up spray painting the couple as Sid and Nancy. William looks unsurprisingly like Charlie from “Busted” and Kate… well carries off the outfit as if it is… ummm Jigsaw! Art is the Cure, an organisation that helps people in difficult situations to get past it through art. Sponsored this one.

Artist Zoran Zarre ,who goes by the name Zoobs has created this Jamie Reid inspired pastiche a homage to “God Save the Queen” the single, released by the Sex Pistols during Queen Elizabeth’s Silver Jubilee in 1977. This work has been originally titled “God Save the Future Queen”. The collage is currently available at a snip for £20,000 at London’s Opera Gallery and proceeds made from the piece will go to charity.


zoran zarre god save the queen prince william kate middleton royal wedding

Bambi has created this work on a wall in north London showing Prince William and Kate Middleton with the words ‘A Bit Like Marmite’ across their chests. I have no idea what the references mean perhaps it is trying to show the future Monarch and his bride as a down to earth sort of couple.


Artist, Grainne Jordan has created this anti-war painting which shows Prince William and Kate Middleton in the roles of modern peace ambassadors. This if you haven’t noticed is in reference to John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s famous Bed-In For Peace of 1969. This very unofficial painting of William and Kate was auctioned on eBay in aid of anti-war charity War Child. London.


But these are my favorites.  Here is the happy couple portrayed in Lego as they share a kiss in front of a model of Buckingham Palace in Miniland at Legoland Windsor, Berkshire.


George Vlosich spent 125 hours creating this portrait of Prince William and Kate Middleton on an Etch a Sketch.


And if you like so many, have had enough, there is always the Lydia Leith sick bags to have by the side of the telly!



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