Luc Tuymans Appropriation Case Settled Out Of Court

The Belgian artist Luc Tuymans, has settled his appropriation case, which has been dragged through the courts for the last few years. In January, the dispute ended with a conviction for plagiarism involved a painting that he had created based on a photograph by Katrijn Van Giel.

The case has now reached an out-of-court settlement with the photographer. The exact terms of the settlement remain confidential however in a joint statement  the two parties describe it as “amicable,” saying that they have decided “to settle their dispute, as artists and in an artistic way, rather than to allow it to be settled in a court of law.”

This all began in 2011 with the Tuymans work titled ‘A Belgian Politician’. Mr Tuymans had argued that the work was a parody and therefore protected under European law, but an Antwerp court ruled that the painting infringed Van Giel’s copyright. Van Giel’s lawyer, Dieter Delarue, has also stated that the painting, which is owned by Groupon founder, the collector Eric Paul Lefkofsky, can now “be sold and traded on the market again.” 



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