Marina Abramovic To Be Art Director For Givenchy In New York

The art world celebrity and performance artist Marina Abramović is to collaborate with French fashion house Givenchy and its creative director, Riccardo Tisci, on his spring New York fashion show, WWD reports.

This autumn, the company will unveil a 5,000 square-foot flagship store in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, at 747 Madison avenue, the location has been home to several other high-end fashion houses including Valentino and Alexander McQueen. The move from showing the collection in Paris to New York comes at a significant time for the LVMH-owned fashion house. This being the reason for moving from showing the collection in Paris to New York during this significant time for the LVMH-owned fashion house.

A 2012 documentary directed by Matthew Akers about the artist’s retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art featured a scene of Abramović with Tisci at the fashion house’s haute couture offices. It was there, at Givenchy, where the explained how she rose from the ashes of l’affaire Ulay to begin as a solo artist. In the documentary, Abramović said of her transition to solo artist after splitting with her collaborator and long-term partner, “It was then that I said, ‘Oh god, I really like fashion.’ It was a kind of secret desire.”

The show is set to debut on September 11 and will be art directed by Abramović, Tisci told WWD, “It’s a delicate day for America, and so the show is going to be a celebration of family and love.” The designer, who as a teenager was an avid collector of American flags, often pays homage to Americana and popular US styles in his collections.

Although Tisci disclosed that he would be working with Abramović, he did not go on to reveal the details of the artist’s full involvement. “She’s going to help me to art direct the show. It’s going to be very interesting,” he said.


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