Michael Jackson Fans Insulted By ‘Jeff Koons’ Style Sculptures

A new sculpture of the Late “King Of Pop” Michael Jackson by Swedish-born artist Maria von Köhler has outraged Jackson fans in London and prompted numerous death threats to the recording studio where the work of art is installed. Premises Studios famous for past recordings by The Artic Monkeys and Amy Winehouse is located in East London.The studio’s chief executive Viv Broughton defended the sculpture, which he said was a “thought-provoking statement about fame and fan worship. He explained to BBC Radio London, that they had been under siege by fanatical fans who have clogged their email inbox with insulting messages. The Sculpture recreates the scene where Jackson dangled baby blanket out of the window of a Berlin hotel. The resin sculpture shows the Pop star holding a baby that is covered with a blanket. The controversy has arisen hot on the heels over a Jackson statue put up by Fulham FC chairman, Mohammed Al Fayed, at the London football club’s Craven Cottage stadium. Al Fayed, a tycoon and former Harrods owner was a close friend of Jackson. He has told fans of the club they can “go to hell” if they don’t like the statue after critics said it resembled a cheap toy action figure. The statue resembles something more akin to Madam Tussauds or Jeff Koons than “Art”. The story is going to carry for a long time and no doubt the works will attract more attention than the Miro exhibition at Tate Modern.

You can see the work yourself @209 Hackney Road City of London E2 8JL


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