Mike Kelley Gets Literary Tribute At NY Book Fair

The late Mike Kelley is spotlighted at the Gagosian Gallery when they present a library and reading room inspired by the late Artist/musician. It will be on view during the seventh annual New York Art Book Fair, from September 27th through 30th at MoMA PS1, Long Island City, New York. Mike Kelley was one of the most influential American artists of the past quarter century. Complex and provocative, his work amalgamated seemingly disparate topics that revealed wide-ranging interests from psychoanalysis to punk, science fiction, pop culture and kitsch. His large-scale, multi-media installations made use of a variety of materials and techniques, including painting, sculpture, photography, and video, while drawing upon his fascination with the underpinnings of contemporary culture and the formation of selfhood.
The library and reading room loosely suggest a portrait of the artist by evoking his eclectic influences. Central to the installation is a set of two bookshelves and a lamp designed by Abel McHone in the “hillbilly Modern” style that Kelley favored. Many artists, friends, and colleagues have recommended or donated the books that are on display. Contributions range from the 1953 high school year book of John Phillips, the leader of The Mamas & the Papas, to Guy Debord’s seminal 1967 critique of mass culture, The Society of the Spectacle, to a book of poetry by the Romantic artist, William Blake, to The Call of Cthulhu, a novelette by the early twentieth century writer H.P. Lovecraft . A full library list will be available in the library and on the gallery’s website www.gagosian.com.
Kelley’s monographs as well as related CDs and vinyl are located around the perimeter of the installation, with seating and audio equipment, so that visitors can browse the materials. Several of these books and CDs will be for sale in the booth during the fair.