Modigliani And Soutine’s Paris Studio Crowdfunding For Vital Restoration

Atelier 11

In Montparnasse, in the heart of Paris, nestled within the alluring alleyways of Cité Falguière, lies Atelier 11—a haven that once echoed with the creative footsteps of legendary artists like Amedeo Modigliani, Chaïm Soutine, Constantin Brâncuși and Paul Gauguin. This historic studio is preserved in time, its legacy continuing to nurture and inspire young international artists.

Constructed in the 1860s, Atelier 11 is a living relic of artistic heritage, largely untouched since the 19th century. L’AiR Arts, a dedicated nonprofit organisation, has embarked on a crowdfunding odyssey, seeking €150,000 ($158,000) to initiate crucial renovations. These efforts are vital to safeguard one of the world’s oldest artists’ residences, ensuring its enduring presence in the annals of art history.

The campaign, facilitated by the nonprofit Cité Falguière, has already garnered €2,540 (approximately $2,670) from passionate supporters. This momentum was substantially boosted with a generous donation of €105,000 ($110,562) from Mission Patrimoine, a national organisation championed by France’s Culture Ministry. Under the vigilant eye of France’s Fondation du Patrimoine, or Heritage Foundation, these donations are poised to breathe new life into the beloved Atelier 11.

Atelier 11—a haven that once echoed with the creative footsteps of legendary artists
Soutine painting of Atelier 11—a haven that once echoed with the creative footsteps of legendary artists

Atelier 11’s restoration project is not merely about refurbishing bricks and mortar; it’s a testament to preserving the very soul of creativity. As echoes of past artistic brilliance reverberate within its walls, this iconic studio beckons for revival. The crowdfunding initiative serves as a clarion call to art enthusiasts and patrons of culture worldwide, urging them to contribute to preserving this cultural gem.

Beyond the bricks, beyond the paint, Atelier 11 embodies the dreams, aspirations, and raw talents of artists who once graced the complex. By supporting this campaign, art enthusiasts can become custodians of a legacy—an opportunity to ensure that Atelier 11 remains a sanctuary for future generations of creative minds.

As the crowdfunding campaign unfolds, hopefully, the collective efforts of patrons and artists will usher in a new chapter for this historic place. In an era where the arts often find themselves at a crossroads, Atelier 11 stands as a beacon, reminding us of the enduring power of creativity and the boundless possibilities within art.

The Atelier 11, painted in 1916 by Chaïm Soutine, has not undergone many renovations since its construction in the late 19th century. The facades and interior, in a worrying state and showing numerous cracks, now require significant restoration and a major overhaul of the structure across its three levels. Many elements are original, including the typical studio windows, the restoration of which represents a significant cost.

The facade will be restored as closely as possible to the iconographic sources in possession, preserving as many original elements as possible. The main wooden frame will be preserved, brushed, and treated. The glass windows facing the street and courtyard, dating back to the construction period, are deformed and provide no thermal insulation. Their restoration using metal profiles as thin as possible will preserve the original appearance.

The main space of the Atelier, which is double-height, and the current layout over three levels will be preserved. The stairs and mezzanine will need to be adjusted and levelled in connection with the interior connections and exterior woodwork. The original structural beams will be restored, preserved, and highlighted.

All interior fittings and finishes (painting, flooring, insulation, electricity, plumbing, and heating) must be brought up to code or entirely renovated (excluding Heritage Mission). The interior will be adapted to remain functional and accommodate artists and the public.

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