Monica Lewinsky Poses For New York Artist Marilyn Minter – Damien Hirst Sculpture Knocked Off Its Plinth By Rolls Royce

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Monica Lewinsky has posed for the Ny based artist Marilyn Minter. In an article in Vanity Fair magazine, she said, “I chose us all as subjects because we are a metaphor for the times we live in’. I’m proud to be included in this illustrious group and like the metaphor conceit. It chimes with my belief that, during the Clinton scandal, I became a social canvas. As a result, anyone could project their issues onto me—and believe me, they did!”

“I paint people I admire. They become a metaphor for the times we live in.” — MARILYN MINTER 

Spanning three floors and six gallery spaces, this ambitious show was the artist’s first solo exhibition in New York since her celebrated retrospective Pretty/Dirty at the Brooklyn Museum in 2016–17.

It introduces several new bodies of work, including portraiture, and highlights Minter’s daring fifty-year exploration of beauty, representation, autonomy, and desire through a feminist, sex-positive perspective. A jaw-dropping display of jewel-toned paintings co-mingles with sculpture, video, photographs, and prints.

Minter approaches some of her now-familiar themes with a critical, fresh eye and fearlessly tackles the art-historical canon by reinterpreting traditional genres such as bathers, odalisques, and portraiture.

Lewinsky will always be equated with the mid-1990s when she was caught up in a sex scandal with President Bill Clinton, leading to his impeachment. In reality, she is a lovely, intelligent woman who has spent the last twenty years campaigning against bullying.

Marilyn Minter, April 12th–June 3rd, 2023, LGDR, 3 East 89th Street, New York

Damien Hirst Crash
Rolls Royce crashes into Damien Hirst’s Sphinx sculpture at the Palm Beach home of art collectors Steven and Lisa Tananbaum. Photo courtesy of Palm Beach Police.

Damien Hirst Sculpture Knocked Off Its Plinth By Rolls Royce

A sculpture by the YBA artist Damien Hirst has been knocked off its plinth after being hit by a Rolls Royce. A 66-year-old driver smashed into the $3 million statue on the property of hedge-fund magnate Steven Tananbaum and his wife, Lisa Tanabaum.

The Tananbaums are important collectors of contemporary of post-war art. In 2019, Steven was asked to step down as a MoMA trustee over ties between GoldenTree Asset Management, the hedge fund he co-founded, and Puerto Rico’s financial crisis. In 2019, GoldenTree owned at least $2.5bn of Puerto Rico’s debt.

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