Museum of Everything GORKY PARK Exhibition Launches In Moscow

Museum of Everything

The Museum of Everything has been trekking westwards from the Urals to find the greatest undiscovered artists of modern-day Russia. GARAGE CENTER OF CONTEMPORARY CULTURE  proudly presents, THE MUSEUM OF EVERYTHING // EXHIBITION #5 – RUSSIA 201 journey has taken them from the verdant riverbanks of Yekaterinburg, to the fountainous central square of Kazan, from the mighty Kremlin inNizhny Novogorod to the Dutch triangle of St. Petersburg.

They have met hundreds of artists, seen thousands of works and accumulated some of the most astonishing creations ever seen by us mere mortals. The discoveries include a chromosome portraitist from the eastern streets, a construction worker with a lifetime opus dedicated to his pop-muse, a 70 year old mystic whose prolific output reflects her transcendental energies, a former educator with a 15 year weather documentation oeuvre, not to mention mystics, mediums and healers a-plenty, a minature mineralist, a penniless portraitist and a street-sweeping serialist, plus the modest man behind Russia’s largest historical hand-drawn battle.
The Museum of Everything has also announced the birth of its first film in the series of intense Russian moments, appropriately titled The Kazan Movie of Everything. It’s only a few minutes long and will give you and your loved ones an insight into what makes Tartarstantick.To watch this dead cert for an Oscar, a Tony or a Grammy, click hereor go to – and remember to email, tweet, facebook, blog or telepathise to your nearest and dearest.

Now firmly installed in Moscow’s Gorky Park, the MOE are ready to welcome all manner of self-taught and alternative Muscovite artist, including elderly, homeless and protest artists, even artists who don’t know they’re artists.

Encamped there for three glorious weeks, from 12:00pm to 9:00pm, on the following dates:

– Thursday 23rd August to Sunday 26th August
– Thursday 30th August to Sunday 2nd September
– Thursday 6th September to Sunday 9th September

The MOE welcomes all private artists, folkloric artists, as well as artists with learning or other disabilities, environmental artists, and not to forget those ever-so-apocalyptic visionary artists and those who call themselves outsider artists – although as we hope you know by now, The Museum of Everything doesn’t think anyone is outside, no matter who they are or where they are from.

They have a special soft spot for mediums chanelling spirits from another world, genii who create secret codes, signs, languages andsymbols, even inventors existing on some alternate hyperdimensional plane. They also love a bit of carving, weaving, signing, building and clothing. So if this sounds like you – or someone you know – the MOE invites you to submit an artwork at The Large Red Mobile Museum of Everything, that gallery on wheels, installed ever so discretely at the delightful partner’s pad, Garage Center for Contemporary Culture.


When the artist search is complete, The Museum of Everything will announce the dates of the final show – Exhibition #5 at Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in Gorky Park, Moscow.

Exhibition #5 will take place in a pavilion by architect, Shigeru Ban, and will feature outstanding artworks by historic self-taught Russian artists, including Alexander Lobanov and Pavel Leonov. The best artists  discovered in the search across the country will also be exhibited in Exhibition #5, as well as published in a book to accompany the project and invited to join the museum’s permanent collection.

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