Museum of Everything Kicks Off At Selfridges

Museum Of Everything

Windows Of Everything Exhibition #4 Opens Friday believe it or not at London’s leading Dept. store

The highly anticipated Museum Of Everything Exhibition #4 Opens it’s doors or should I say windows to the public on Friday 26 August. This year the Museum is using the great Art Deco granite Selfridges Department Store on Oxford St. as its main venue.

From 2 September to 25 October Britain’s most talked about contemporary art project takes over Selfridges London with its fourth and most ambitious project yet.

An art world sensation since 2009, The Museum of Everything is one of Europe’s most dynamic new museums. It has introduced critics and the public alike to untrained, unintentional and unexhibited artists from around the globe.

Set to be the largest art installation in the history of Selfridges, The Museum of Everything’s Exhibiton #4 will occupy the world-renowned Orchard and Oxford Street windows. Venture inside to discover the Selfridges Ultralounge displaying over 200 never-before-seen artworks.

The Shop of Everything will occupy the Concept Store in the Wonder Room selling a wide range of bespoke and collectable products to benefit the museum and its artists. These include its own label, Everything Ltd, a fashion collection with celebrated design team Clements Ribeiro and shoes by Tracey Neuels, all featuring artworks in the show.

Playful, personal, colourful and complex, Exhibition #4 is The Museum of Everything’s most radical show yet. It reveals an astonishing visual language which speaks for those who often cannot and asks the audience to consider why these artists remain invisible – not only to museums and galleries, but to society as a whole.

Oxford Street is famous for many things, primarily for not being in Oxford. Despite this clear breach of city planning guidelines, we are prepared to open the Oxford Street windows of Selfridges in twenty-four hours under the following strict conditions:
a) you promise to come and be incredibly enthusiastic, even if it’s not quite your thing;
b) you smile through gritted teeth, give us a big hug and shower us with compliments;
c) you commit to at least one visit when Exhibition #4 opens on Friday 2nd September.

The Windows of Everything will be formally opened on Friday 26th August 2011 by Lady Edna Fullbream, Managing Director of Dagenham Protective Bibs and Safety Harnesses, who has invited everyone for a cup of tea and a jam roly-poly at her summer home in Penge.
The Café of Everything // Wednesday 31st August 2011

If that’s not even remotely exciting, then how about a no-cost expresso at The Café of Everything, powered by our barista godparentsDe’Longhi and opening for donations and all things caffeine on Wednesday 31st August 2011 inside The Shop of Everything inside the Concept Store inside the Wonder Room inside Selfridges.
Confused by the aforementioned geography? So are we! But as far as we can work out, The Shop of Everything will pop up like a damn spot on the corner of Oxford Street and Orchard Street, behind the windows opposite Sparkies. If you still don’t know what the heck we’re talking about, a simple and informative map is here or rather here.

The Shop of Everything // Wednesday 31st August 2011
Speaking of the shop, let’s speak of the shop. For while we don’t wish to obsess about money, the price of our endeavours does make us somewhat focused on cashflow – and Exhibition #4 is the first time we’ve really gotten our act together in the merchandising department. No more flimsy ten quid embroidered tea-towels for us – now they cost eighteen quid – and running alongside, all manner of strange artefacts to enrich your life and, quite frankly, ours.
Why not pre-order our latest volume, packed to the rafters with images, sculptures and over 200 leaves of fancy uncoated paper, featuring rollicking conversations with the great minds of the era, such as artist Cindy Sherman, educator and TED pin-up Sir Ken Robinson, missionary curator Matthew Higgs and many more. This is the brilliantly titled Everything #4 and you can pre-order your copy by simply clicking here.
There’s all sorts of other delights to plunder from the modest boutique.
–  The Oyster Card Holder of Everything
–  The Fountain Pens of Everything
–  The Cup of Everything
–  The Sleepmask of Everything
–  The Print of Everything
There’s even our incredulous collaboration with those superstars of fibre Clements Ribeiro, and the cobbler’s cobbler Tracey Neuls, both available exclusively at our gaff and the greatest department store in the known universe. Pre-order your exclusive ever so sexy item here.
Exhibition #4 // Friday 2nd September 2011

Finally, one high-octane low-carb week later, we shall open the show itself, Exhibition #4, where over 500 works jostle for space in a wondrous installation designed by us museum bods with our legendary flattage goddess Eve Stewart, last seen cavorting on stage in Hollywood as production designer of that dastardly tale of halted poshness, The King’s Speech.
Deep within the walls of Exhibition #4 you will find dozens of tip-top art studios discovered by us by crawling the length and breadth of our planet. Please, we beg you, put your prejudices aside, beloved emailers, come and see the show that our mother describes as “quite nice, but it’s not really a proper job is it?”.
Yours in the firm anticipation of Everything, Visit The Museum of Everything