Museum of Everything Moves To Moscow and Venice For Biennale

Museum of Everything

The Museum of Everything returns to Moscow in April where plans are shaping up for the largest expo of contemporary self-taught and non-traditional art ever to be staged in Russia. The Museum d’Everything  Exhibition #5 will surely be a revolution in Russian art-making practices. Included in the show are over 50 newly discovered artists from the summer travels on The Mobile Museum of Everything. Visitors are urged to hop on an Aeroflot to see the show – and if you do, they’ll front you a stiff horseradish vodka!

The Museum of Everything’s sojourn in Paris has been one of its most delightful adventures ever. Paris is filled with culture and it has been an honour to welcome over 40,000 to the exhibition’s strange home in St Germain. If you have not been yet you must – the final weekend is Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st March.

Why not return to discover some of our lesser known artists: like Jesse Howard, the balls-to-the-wall preacher whose red and black environmental rants are the inspiration for the museum’s own visual stylings; or Herman Bossert, the modest Dutch professor whose private late-night doodlings turned into an imaginary dreamworld A-Z; perhaps more to your taste is Jean Perdrizet, a lesser-known inventor of marvellous contraptions, soon to be welcomed into the Venice Biennial; or SL Jones, the greatest Appalachian carver we know and a man who could play a mean fiddle.

If you’re not impressed by the 700 works of art, there’s always The Cafe of Everything, with over 7,000 ingredients and giant slices of cake, some as big as a tree. Their couscous is the talk of North Africa. Their potage, like being bathed in your own mother’s breast milk. And of course, The Shop of Everything for dresses, t-shirts, books and prints … and this week’s special offer: a lifetime membership to The Museum of Everything for just €2.50.

The Museum of Everything has also announced its inclusion as a collateral event in this year’s Venice Biennale. They have secured a lovely plot right next to Peggy Guggenheim’s plush pad on the Grand Canal.

MOE Paris Chalet Society – until 31 March – 14 boulevard Raspail 75007 Paris

MOE MOSCOW 25 April to 2 June 2013 (see website here)

MOE Venice Biennale Grand Canal next to Peggy Guggenheim’s Gallery dates TBA


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