National Gallery Shows Solidarity With Paris Over Attacks

National Gallery

The Louvre, Pompidou and the Musee D’Orsay were closed today as a result of the attacks in Paris which killed nearly 130 people on Friday evening. This is a rare occurrence for the museums and highlights the shape of things to come, including a predicted loss of tourist revenue for the most popular gallery in the world. Meanwhile last night in Trafalgar Square hundreds of people gathered to show solidarity with France by holding a candle light vigil in central London. The French Tricolour was projected on the fountains as well as the face of the National Gallery. 

Open-air markets, Disneyland Paris, movie theatres and the Eiffel Tower will remain closed  until further notice, authorities have stated. The city has already shut down all of its 245 Metro stations and blocked off many public spaces; demonstrations and rallies are banned until at least Thursday. The city appears determined to keep all Parisians off the streets. Major globally-broadcast concerts in the city, including the Al Gore-backed Live Earth and U2 live in Paris, were also cancelled on Saturday and Sunday nights.

The Eiffel Tower is normally open every day of the year from 9 a.m. to midnight and sees about 20,000 tourists per day. However now, according to its website, “The Eiffel Tower is currently closed until further notice. At the request of Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo, the tower will remain dark tonight in mourning.” Police are patrolling the monument as well as all popular tourist attractions.