New Documentary Hopes To Shed Light On Banksy Artwork Heist

A new documentary, The Banksy Job, will focus on the daring daylight robbery of a Banksy sculpture from a public street, the documentary will attempt to unravel the mystery surrounding one of the street artist’s stolen pieces, entitled The Drinker.

The Banksy work, was a 10-foot statue, that the elusive street artist illegally erected in a small square near Shaftesbury Avenue in London in March 2004. The work resembled Auguste Rodin’s famous sculpture The Thinker, but with the amusing addition of a cone over its head, the piece was stolen during the middle of the day, by a group of thieves that call themselves Art Kieda, a group headed up by AK47, who is the subject of the new film.

The documentary will follow the events that unfolded after the theft of the famous Banksy piece. ““(There is the) theft and destruction of the statue, the artists, gangsters, AK47’s private anarchist army, and then there are the struggling artists, still waiting to get paid for building the statue,” Dylan Harvey and Ian Roderick Gray, the documentary’s creators, told Dazed.

While the film will look back at the theft, it will also document the statue’s ongoing saga. “With AK47’s plans to rebuild the statue and sell it as a Banksy original, our third act is yet to be written, Harvey and Gray say. The documentary has launched a crowdfunding campaign and might hit the screens as early as 2016, Complex Magazine reports.

The media followed the bizarre incident for several weeks, which culminated in Banksy offering a mere £2 to get his artwork back.


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